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Masahiko Kondo Spotted at Tokyo Station with Signature Catchphrase “I’m Miffed!’

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Masahiko Kondo, aka “Match,” in line for tickets

In early March at noon, a masked man was seen walking through Tokyo Station, pulling a suitcase. The man was Masahiko Kondo (59).

With sleek hair and sunglasses, dressed in a calm fashion with a black sweater over his shirt, there was no hint of the “Match” aura as he walked alongside female staff. In fact, the following day, he was headed to the Suzuka Circuit in Mie Prefecture for the opening round of the Super Formula, the pinnacle of Japanese car racing.

“Kondo has been active as a racer since 1984 and established the ‘Masahiko Kondo Racing Project’ in 1998, participating in the All-Japan F3 series. In 2000, he founded the ‘KONDO Racing Team’ and also competed in the ’24 Hours of Le Mans’ endurance race as a racer. In March 2023, he became the chairman of the board of directors of Japan Race Promotion (JRP), which operates Japan’s premier Super Formula (SF).” (Motorsport magazine editor)

Once dubbed the eldest son of Johnny’s, Kondo left Johnny’s office in 2021 following reports of his own adultery allegations. Regarding the sexual harassment issues raised by Johnny Kitagawa:

“I believe the time will come when I can speak.”

However, there was no shortage of criticism. However, at the beginning of this year, the drama “Too Inappropriate to Handle!” (TBS) began airing, and the character “Senior Mutchi,” played by Yuto Isomura (31), became a hot topic. Senior Mutchi is a big fan of Match, and scenes where he says “It’s Mutchi!” upon appearing were a big hit. Kondo himself, on the radio show “Masahiko Kondo RADIO GARAGE” (Cultural Broadcasting), which aired on February 11, said:

“No, no, this is me, right? Like that. I’m looking forward to it.”

And so on, speaking with approval as the “original.” Fans were delighted by this, raising voices of joy. It’s been 38 years since the depiction in “Futehodo” from 1986. There’s hardly a trace of those days now, but,

“Senior Mutchi’s specialty in the drama was the ghost bicycle, but in reality, Match has become a racer, and 38 years later, Senior Mutchi has become Hikari Mimura (57). However, Match today has hardly changed his physique and remains stylish as ever. Truly, the difference with a genuine idol is remarkable.” (TV magazine writer)

Despite his position as JRP chairman, he actively engages in music activities and is currently in the midst of the “Masahiko Kondo KANREKI DASH M5K9 LIVE TOUR 2023-2024.” Continuing his energetic activities as “Match,” fans undoubtedly want to see a collaboration between Mutchi and Match.

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Few people were aware of Mutch’s existence.
Masahiko Kondo, “Much Senpai” of “Futeboku” attracts a lot of attention.

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