Why a gangster porn director “went on a rampage at a bar in Shinjuku,” smashing 35 bottles of sake? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why a gangster porn director “went on a rampage at a bar in Shinjuku,” smashing 35 bottles of sake?

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Downtown Shinjuku, where many restaurants line the streets (Image: Afro. (Photo has been doctored with images)

Hurry up and make me a drink. Don’t be slow!”

The man was irritated because the drinks he ordered were not being served. The manager chides the man for his attitude. What did the manager say that caused the man to lose his temper and destroy the restaurant?

On October 19, the Shinjuku Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced the arrest of Shigeru Matsushima, 44, a senior member of the Sumiyoshi-kai crime syndicate, and nine others on suspicion of violating the Violent Activities Punishment Law. Matsushima visited a bar in Shinjuku 2-chome with a regular customer at around 2:00 a.m. on January 2 this year, and was upset with the manner in which the manager, who was in his 30s, treated the customer.

Call your assholes here! I’ll show you who’s the best.

He then called his friends on the phone and escorted the manager out of the store. The manager was forced to get down on his knees and apologize.

Producing Rat Senpai

There is a lot of trouble around JR Shinjuku Station, which is called the busiest shopping area in the East (Image: Afro. Image doctored for image)

The suspect Matsushima is a well-known figure in the outlaw world. He was born in Suginami, Tokyo, and has been a member of a motorcycle gang since his youth. In 2000, he made his debut as a porn director under the name “Matsushima Cross,” and also worked as a music producer, producing songs for the celebrity Nezumi Senpai.

On the other hand, he had many troubles: In June 2005, he threatened a company employee in his 30s, saying, “How are you going to take responsibility for introducing another job to an AV actress he was affiliated with? In January of the following year, he was arrested on extortion charges. In July of this year, he was arrested on suspicion of violating the Organized Crime Punishment Law after he spent nearly a month in front of a cabaret club where he had been banned from working, glaring at employees and customers.

Let’s go back to the aforementioned disturbance. After getting the manager down on his knees and apologizing, Matsushima went back to a nearby restaurant for a drink. After getting down on his knees and apologizing to the manager, Matsushima went back to a nearby bar where he had been drinking with his friends. There they went on a rampage, smashing 35 liquor bottles and breaking the entrance door, causing a total of nearly 500,000 yen in damage.

A police officer rushed to the scene after receiving a 110 call from a person who witnessed the commotion. The suspect said, ‘I’m sorry about earlier,’ and left the 100,000 yen and walked away. The police were able to identify the nine people who committed the crime from security camera footage and arrested them.

The suspect lost his temper because of a comment from the manager: “Hurry up and make the drinks,” he complained. When the manager complained to him, saying, ‘Hurry up and make the sake,’ he replied, ‘If you’re the boss of the Yakuza, you’re the boss of the Yakuza. The manager replied, “No one higher up in the yakuza would talk like that. Matsushima must have felt his pride was hurt.

Matsushima has remained silent during the interrogation.

Night view of downtown Shinjuku where many restaurants are lined up (Image: Kyodo News, photo by Kyodo News) The photo is an image and has been partially processed.)
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