With Shizuka Ishibashi and others… “Kamakura-dono” attracts attention! Unexpected Fathers of Nisei Talent | FRIDAY DIGITAL

With Shizuka Ishibashi and others… “Kamakura-dono” attracts attention! Unexpected Fathers of Nisei Talent

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Ishibashi’s presence in the drama, photographed in October 2009.

NHK’s historical drama “Kamakuradono no 13-nin” has finally entered its final chapter.

What is characteristic of this drama is that in this era of power struggles and purges, the main characters are easily killed off and leave the stage early. In this era of power struggles and purges, the main characters are easily killed off and leave the stage early. The NHK Taiga is a place of opportunity for actors to make a name for themselves, but because of this, many actors seem to leave without leaving their mark.

In such a situation, Nisei actors with famous parents are struggling to make a name for themselves. In fact, one of the secret highlights of “Kamakura-dono” is the appearance of many talented Nisei actors who have been the center of attention in recent years.

We asked journalists and editors specializing in the entertainment industry for their opinions on Nisei actors who have impressed them in recent years.

Shizuka Ishibashi (28), whose parents are Mieko Harada and Ryo Ishibashi, was the first Nisei actor to attract attention in this film. She is one of the most sought-after Nisei actors today, with her unique ennui and high acting ability.

She played the role of Shizuka Gozen, Yoshitsune’s lover. Shizuka was the most refreshingly Shizuka ever, and she was the talk of the town, but what attracted me even more was when she danced in front of Yoritomo at the end. If she danced well, her true identity would be revealed and she would be killed. She knew this, but she was prepared for it, and it was a wonderful performance. She had originally studied classical ballet and had aspirations of becoming a dancer. That is why I believe that she could not have created that sad but dignified dance without her.

The daughter of the king of V cinema is also ……

Many names of two other young Nisei actors were also mentioned.

One is Momoko Fukuchi, 24, who plays Hatsu, the wife of Hojo Yasutoki, played by Kentaro Sakaguchi. She is the daughter of that V cinema king, Sho Aikawa. However, not wanting to borrow her father’s strength, she dared to join a different agency from him and is a hard worker who has even appeared in a major TV drama. Her core strength is well suited to her first role as the unreliable Yasuoki, who is blasting away at her, and she is giving off a great flavor in this film as well.

The other is Kanichiro (26), who will appear soon. He plays the role of Kimiyuki, the second son of the second Kamakura lord. In history, he assassinated his uncle Sanetomo, the third Kamakura-dono. Who is Kanichiro, who plays such a key figure in the future? Well, he is the son of Sato Koichi, aka Ueso Hirotsune, who was killed by Yoritomo in the beginning of the film. In other words, he is also the grandson of Rentaro Mikuni. The time difference between the father and son made it so that Kanichiro, who is also such a super thoroughbred, will be able to show us what kind of performance he will give. This is something you can’t miss,” said an entertainment writer.

However, there is actually another unexpected actor whose name came up. That is Hajime Kaku (31), who played Benkei.

His father was Genji Kaku, a pitcher from Taiwan who played for the Chunichi Dragons. If you are from the Showa era, you must be thinking, ‘Oh, that! I’m sure the Showa generation would think, “Oh, that! His son, Yoshihisa, is also a former athlete who played rugby.

He was selected for the role of Benkei because of his good physique. At the end of his life, he wrapped a board around his body and smiled smugly as he went out to fight a battle to the death. That scene left a strong impression on me. He has a charming and striking face like his father, so I am sure he will continue to make his presence felt in various productions in the future.

It is a thing of the past when one was able to be active thanks to one’s parent’s influence. It seems that the entertainment industry has become a warring age of second-generation actors.

  • Interview and text by Nanako

    Born in Ehime Prefecture. After working at a broadcasting station, she became a freelance writer. She specializes in interviews with celebrities and articles analyzing popular events, and is always checking out serial dramas and popular Japanese movies. She is a well-known beautiful writer in the magazine industry.

  • Photographed by Yuri Adachi

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