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All the bombshells that came out of the former Unification Church’s “Internet Conference for Believers

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UPF Secretary-General Uotani explains the relationship between the cult and its affiliates using the term “firewall.

My parents’ house is full of psychic products.

Tomihiro Tanaka, 66, president of the Family Association for World Peace and Unification (hereafter, former Unification Church), was revealed by this magazine to have said this during an “online conference” for believers held on August 19 for field executives from across Japan. Since he had stated categorically in previous press conferences that he had not engaged in psychic sales in the past or at present, this admission, which could be called a contradiction in terms, came as a great shock to his followers.

The details of the “online meeting” were reported in Friday, and there was an uproar within the cult. The fact that the meeting, which was completely for internal use, was leaked must mean that there is that much growing distrust of the head of the Order among the congregation. Some members of the general congregation, who were not able to watch the meeting, said, “They should have given a proper explanation of the psychic business at the press conference as well. Incidentally, all ‘online meetings’ after the article was published have been canceled.

However, that is not the only “bombshell” that was left in the audio data of the “Net Conference” obtained by this magazine.

What came as a surprise was the appearance of Shunsuke Uoya, Secretary General of the United for Peace in the Universe (UPF), at the end of the one-hour, 20-minute meeting.

Up until now, whenever politicians have sent congratulatory telegrams to or attended events of affiliated organizations, UPF has consistently taken the attitude that “UPF and the affiliated organizations are separate organizations. The argument is that because they are separate organizations, they have nothing to do with the organization.

Nevertheless, Mr. Uoya, an executive of the affiliate UPF, attended a meeting for followers of the main cult organization and made a shocking statement. He made a shocking statement. Mr. Uotani said

“So far, the media and opposing forces have been talking about the UPF, YSP (Young Students’ Federation for World Peace), and the APTF (Association for the Promotion of True Family Movement),” he said. APTF (Association for the Promotion of the True Family Movement) and other organizations have been repeatedly criticized by the media and opposition forces as front organizations provided as a cover for the United Federation of Family Unions.

He then explained the relationship between the Faith and its affiliated organizations, showing a diagram.

To explain the current situation, I would like to explain about firewalls, firewalls. In order to prevent the group from being held responsible for any trouble that might occur, a wall has been built. The wall on the left side is to prevent the religious organizations from being held responsible for any so-called troubles, such as “psychic sales,” “illegal evangelism,” “high donations,” and some criminal cases.

And what is the firewall on the right side, whether it is UPF, Katsudo Rengo, or any other organization, is not the church itself but an independent entity. That’s where the ministers, legislators, and heads of state were involved, and they were not the Unification Church itself, so they were not responsible for the problems that the church caused, and we managed to make it work so that the legislators and politicians were protected by this wall.”

But that firewall collapsed in the wake of the shooting of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Uotani continued.

The firewall has been completely breached,” Uotani said. We are now in a situation where there is no excuse for emphasizing the firewall and saying that we were only involved with related organizations, and we are now being pursued.

These statements by Secretary General Uotani can be taken to imply that the Church and its affiliated organizations are one and the same, separated only by a firewall. Journalist Aito Suzuki, who has been pursuing the cult for many years, said, “The ‘affiliate’ is a group of people who have been working together for a long time.

Mr. Uoya, who is supposed to be an executive of the “affiliated group,” attends meetings of the cult and shares information about the critical situation using such terms as “firewall. This in itself is the best evidence of the unity of the Church and other related organizations.

Regarding the reason for Secretary General Uoya’s attendance at the conference, the former Unification Church responded to an interview with this magazine as follows.

The purpose of the “Special Net Conference” is to share the damage caused by media reports, and since the damage could naturally extend to our friends, we asked Shunsuke Uoya, Secretary General of the UPF, to attend the conference on behalf of our friends. So we have asked UPF Secretary-General Shunsuke Uotani to join us on behalf of the friendly organizations.

The September 29 issue of “FRIDAY” also reports in detail on other shocking statements made at the “Net Conference” for believers and the dissatisfaction of active believers who witnessed Hideyuki Teshigawara’s press conference.

The “firewall” that had protected the cult from liability was said to have been completely breached after the shooting incident.

From the October 14, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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