Nakajima Kento, Nagase Ren… The best shots of Japanese celebrities “without their real faces”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nakajima Kento, Nagase Ren… The best shots of Japanese celebrities “without their real faces”!

Special Report: Miracle shots that caused a stir on the internet and social networking services.

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Kento Nakajima(28) Sexy Zone
October 18, ’19 issue

Looking back and admiring Tokyo Tower during a break from filming

Nakajima gazes at the Tokyo Tower behind him while on location for a TV show in September ’19. This is a rare Friday shot of Nakajima, who has had no scandals to date. Whenever a scandal involving a Johnny’s celebrity is reported, fans always say, “Kentee is a true idol even when he is photographed by a weekly magazine.

It is said that the ratio of successful applicants to those auditioning to join Johnny’s is one in 100,000. Currently, there are about 300 talents who have passed through the narrow gate, but only a handful of them make their debut.

While the selected Japanese talents show off their smiling faces and pretty faces in idol magazines, some of their real faces, caught by this magazine, are highly praised by some fans.

For example, the shot of Kento Nakajima (28) of “Sexy Zone” shown at the beginning of this article. In late September 2007, he was a regular on “Gourmet Chicken Race: Gochi ni Naru! He appeared in front of a high-class Chinese restaurant for a recording session. He got off the location bus while chatting with another regular member, Nobu (42) of Chidori, and looked back at the towering Tokyo Tower behind him before entering the restaurant. Fans were delighted by this photo, which they said was “too perfect to be an idol, right down to the moment it was taken.

In this issue of FRIDAY, we introduce photos of the “King & Prince” members in their casual clothes, the “Naniwa Boys” filming their latest drama, and a trip to Disney taken by the debutantes that transcended group boundaries, among others.

Take a look at the miraculous photos of the 19 members, which have caused a stir on the Internet and social networking services, including a spontaneous expression that can only be seen in this magazine and an unexpected funny face.

Ren Nagase (23) King & Prince
August 21/28, 2008 issue

Wearing a high-brand long T. ……

After dinner, he waves to his business associates. Nagase is wearing a “WIND AND SEA” long T-shirt with a large “SEA” written on it. This T-shirt was also worn by Shiyoh Hirano (25) and Yuta Jinguji (24) of “King & Prince” and attracted fans’ attention, “The group is wearing the same casual clothes! and this drew the attention of fans.

Ren Nagase (23) King & Prince ’20 Aug. 21 & 28

Yuta Kishi (26) King & Prince
March 25, 2010 issue

Holding a crepe with a serious look in his eyes during the photo shoot.

This is the first time Kishi appeared in this magazine, and in late February, during an early morning location shoot for the movie “G-Men,” in which he starred, he was seen walking with a crepe in his hand and a serious look in his eyes, and fans voiced their joy, saying “Too cute” and “I thought it was a scandal, but the article was too peaceful and made me laugh.

Yuta Kishi (26) King & Prince March 25, 2010

Ren Meguro (25) Snow Man
December 10, 2009 issue

The handsome profile he showed during a break.

In mid-November ’21, we spotted Meguro during the filming of the movie “Filling of the Moon. Her usual hairstyle is a centerpiece, but on this occasion she wore her bangs down for the role. Meguro plays a college student who has a crush on a mysterious woman played by Kasumi Arimura (29). Meguro’s slightly shadowy expression makes her a fan favorite.

Ren Meguro (25) Snow Man December 10, ’21

Koji MUKAI (28) Snow Man
September 13, ’13 issue

Mukai, who was still a Kansai Jr. member at the time, was caught walking the streets of Osaka after a performance at the Shochikuza Theater in August ’13. It was a moment of relaxation, but fans talked about how he was too cool despite the image of him laughing and joking around in idol magazines.

Koji Mukai (28) Snow Man Sept. 13, ’13

Raoul (19) Snow Man
October 2, ’20 issue

In early September ’20, Raoul was filming a live-action movie adaptation of the popular manga “Honey Lemon Soda. To play the role of a handsome high school student, he went blonde. Fans were excited to see the then 17-year-old in a realistic high school role.

Raoul(19) Snow Man Oct. 2, ’20

Jesse(26) SixTONES
September 25, ’20 issue

Jesse is colorful in both his costumes and personal wear.’ He played a detective in the drama “Kiwadoi 2 – K2” starring Ryosuke Yamada in ’20, and his unusual formal style was the talk of the town when he appeared in a costume suit at the production announcement press conference on September 6.

Jesse (26) SixTONES ’20 September 25

Hokuto Matsumura(27) SixTONES
January 29, 2009 issue

A scene from the filming of Matsumura’s lead role in the movie “Liar x Liar”. Since off-shots themselves are rare, “HOKKUN’s off-shot is rare,” and “It’s amazing that it was taken at a moment in time, but it looks so glamorous! The photos were very well received.

Hokuto Matsumura (27) SixTONES Jan. 29, 2009

Ryusei Onishi(21) Naniwa Boys
July 29 and August 5, 2010 issue

We caught Onishi for the first time in late May of this year as he took on a location shoot. Onishi is famous for his professionalism, and this photo of him was praised by fans as “Onishi’s professionalism is perfect even on Friday” and “Ryuichi’s first solo Friday! and was highly praised by fans.

Ryusei Onishi (21) Naniwa Boys ’22 July 29 and August 5, 2010

Kento Nagao (21) Naniwa Boys
July 29 and August 5, 2010 issue

Nagao also made his first appearance in the same issue as Onishi, in late June, when he was on his way to Nihonbashi for a location shoot. There were motherly comments on SNS, such as “You look sleepy……,” and “I’m relieved it’s not a scandal.

Kento Nagao (21) Naniwa Boys ’22 July 29, August 5

Ryosuke Yamada (29) Hey! Say! JUMP
April 29, 2010 issue

In April 2010, during the filming of the drama in which he starred, “Ore no kawaii ha nai kawaii wa konjikatsu jikatsu ka? He and his co-star, Kyoko Yoshine, chatted amiably during the filming of the drama in which he starred, “My Cute is Soon to Expire? This photo became a topic of conversation, with viewers saying, “They look so close and cute,” and “Yamada-kun, who is shy, is trying his best.

Ryosuke Yamada (29) Hey! Say! JUMP ’22 April 29

Yuto NAKAJIMA (29) Hey! Say! JUMP
September 14, ’18 issue

In August ’18, Nakajima was photographed wearing a suit and trench coat, perhaps for a magazine interview. When the shoot was over, he changed into a rougher outfit and waved to the staff waiting outside. Fans spread the word that he was “too cute.”

Yuto Nakajima (29) Hey! Say! JUMP ’18 September 14

Yuta Tamamori(32) Kis-My-Ft2
November 8, ’19 issue

In the fall of 2007, Tamamori was filming the drama “Grand Maison Tokyo,” and his appearance on a cold day in late October wearing only a cock coat was well-received, along with episodes of his character preparation, such as “You made a whole omelette to prepare for the role, didn’t you? He was well-received along with Tamamori’s episodes of preparation for the role.

Yuta Tamamori (32) Kis-My-Ft2 Nov. 8, ’19

Daiki Shigeoka(30) Johnny’s WEST
July 9, 2009 issue

This photo was taken during the filming of a drama starring Shigeoka, who plays the center of the group. After fooling around with co-star Taiga Nakano (29), Shigeoka turned around and looked satisfied. Fans were delighted to see this precious off-duty face of Shigeoka, who has never been spotted in private!

Daiki Shigeoka (30) Johnny’s WEST July 9, ’21

Nozomi Kotaki(26) Johnny’s WEST
Jan. 31, ’14 issue

Kotaki runs away from a fan who is charging to call out to him. The distinctive sunglasses and running form of Nozomu Kotaki became a topic of conversation, and he was nicknamed “NONKOTANISHI” by his fans.

Nozomi Kotaki (26), Johnny’s WEST, January 31, 2002

Precious screaming shot at Disney before his debut!

Shoh Hirano (25) King & Prince
Koji MUKAI (28) Snow Man
Shota Hayashi (32)
Terufumi Kiriyama (33) Johnny’s WEST
Shintaro Morimoto (25) SixTONES
October 4, ’13 issue

Morimoto and his friends play at Disney on the day off from the performance of Johnny’s Jr.’s play “ANOTHER,” which started in September ’13. Fans were excited to see private photos of this unusual combination. There is a jinx that says the Jr. members who perform in the performance in question will debut, and four of the members in this photo also debuted on CD.

From the September 30 and October 7, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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