Former LDP Secretary General Toshihiro Nikai Under Fire Again, Intimidated by Opposition to State Funeral “Shut Up! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former LDP Secretary General Toshihiro Nikai Under Fire Again, Intimidated by Opposition to State Funeral “Shut Up!

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Former Prime Minister Nikai Nikai has come under fire again for his televised comments about former Prime Minister Abe’s state funeral. Is he “blowing off steam” over the public’s opposition?

Toshihiro Nikai, former secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), said on a CS program on September 16 that former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s state funeral was a “national funeral.

“Everyone should just join hands in silence and see him off.

Some national newspapers and other media reported that he said, “Everyone should just join hands in silence and send him off. Although there are no clear standards for state funerals, the decision was reportedly made by the Kishida cabinet without sufficient discussion.

There was much criticism from the public, and there were even demonstrations and marches against the state funeral. It is expected that opponents will probably continue to raise their voices until the day of the national funeral.

Nikai commented on the opposition.

I am sure that when it is over, those who opposed the decision will be glad that it is over. If they are Japanese.

We shouldn’t be discussing the national funeral at a time like this. We should refrain from it.

He also stated that some members of the opposition party were on the SNS. He also commented on the fact that some members of the opposition parties had expressed their intention not to attend the meeting on social networking sites.

Those who are absent will reflect on their absence for a long time to come. Whether they are absent or not has nothing to do with the state funeral. It will only impress the world that they are not very wise. It’s going to be very hard to get them back in the election.”

The comment was a threat, of sorts. In response to this, Twitter and other social networking sites responded

Who do you think you are?
Do as you please without using taxpayers’ money!

The situation has become extremely stormy, with criticism flooding in on Twitter and social networking sites.

Mr. Nikai was not the only LDP member who told those opposed to the national funeral to “shut up.

I want to tell those who oppose the national funeral…Okay, okay…I won’t ask you to agree with me or do anything unreasonable…so just shut up already.

The post caused a firestorm.

The “shut up” tweet has not yet been deleted, nor has he made any excuses for his behavior. Furthermore, he has not deleted the tweet that said, “I am involved with the Unification Church and I am proud of it,” which is far from the intention of the LDP’s declaration of separation from the Unification Church.

On the other hand, Mr. Nikai similarly commented on the relationship between the Unification Church and the Diet members.

If they ask me to send a telegram, I do. If they say, ‘Let’s support you,’ I say, ‘Thank you very much.

The Liberal Democratic Party will not be intimidated.

The LDP will not be intimidated.

I think the TV program is anticipating that Mr. Nikai’s extreme comments will become a topic of conversation, so they have invited him on the program. If he goes up in flames, it will be good publicity for the program. Well, Mr. Nikai probably doesn’t think anything of the public flames.

In the first place, it was a bad idea to decide on a state funeral without asking the opposition party, let alone the public. The LDP’s close relationship with the Unification Church is also seen as a problem, but it seems that the LDP is taking the stance that “as long as it is done and done with, I don’t care” without regard to that.

The Cabinet’s approval rating has been at an all-time low. The Kishida Cabinet may now be at a major crossroads.

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