Publicly declares “killer vaccine”… doctor who faked inoculation “with astonishing shaved head photo and reputation.” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Publicly declares “killer vaccine”… doctor who faked inoculation “with astonishing shaved head photo and reputation.”

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Funaki, a doctor, arrested on suspicion of “vaccine fraud” (some images have been doctored)

Killer Vaccine.

The doctor, who frequently lectured at seminars, was skeptical about the effectiveness of vaccination against the new coronavirus. He criticized the vaccination certificate as a “fake certificate. However, …….

On September 11, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 2 arrested Takeyoshi Funaki, 51, director of the Oji-Kita Stomatology Clinic in Tokyo’s Kita Ward, on suspicion of fraud and the improper creation and distribution of official telegrams and records. The suspect is suspected of falsely claiming to have inoculated patients with the new coronavirus and cheating the local government out of business fees.

The suspect, Funaki, inoculated a woman in her 50s and her three children in Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan, with a false vaccine. The woman had a negative attitude toward vaccines. Although the woman was negative about vaccines, she consulted Funaki because she thought she would be disadvantaged if she did not receive them.

Funaki charged the city of Sapporo a business consignment fee even though the women and their families had not been vaccinated. Funaki is suspected of having the city transfer 14,000 yen to the suspect and having the suspect enter false information into the government’s vaccination system. A vaccination certificate was issued to the woman’s family,” said a reporter from the society department of a national newspaper.

Even after the vaccination, the antibodies did not rise. ……

Funaki uploaded a “shaved head” photo on SNS (image from Funaki’s Facebook page).

Funaki had long been suspected of “vaccine fraud.

He said, “The neutralizing antibodies of the people vaccinated at the clinic hardly rose at all. Normally, the value after vaccination is about 1,500, but those who received the vaccine at the Funaki suspect’s clinic had no more than 0.1. …… Adverse reactions such as fatigue and high fever also did not show up. After receiving consultation from several people, Kita Ward interviewed the Funaki suspect.

The clinic has vaccination records for approximately 230 people between July and December 2009. Perhaps it was not only families living in Sapporo who falsified vaccinations. In principle, vaccinations are administered by the municipality in which one lives. However, more than 70% of the people who were vaccinated at the clinic lived outside Kita Ward.

Funaki graduated from Nada High School, a prestigious high school in Hyogo Prefecture, and entered Asahikawa Medical University. After working at Sapporo Tokushukai Hospital and Tokyo Women’s Medical University East Medical Center, he opened a clinic in Kita-ku in February 2011. He was well received by patients.

He was a pleasant doctor with a gentle attitude toward everyone. He was also very attentive in his examinations. He also uploaded many photos on his SNS, including one in which he was wearing a shaved head wig and had a haughty expression on his face.

On the other hand, he had a radical side and was particularly negative about the new corona vaccine. He often told people around him, “There must be doctors who issue certificates even if you don’t get vaccinated. It would be appalling if, in spite of this, he himself was committing a “vaccine scam. He exploited the feelings of people who, for reasons such as living with elderly parents, are extremely careful not to be infected with the new corona,” he said.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, Dr. Funaki admitted to the charges and stated that he gave saline inoculations to those who requested them. Kita Ward is responding to approximately 60 ward residents who were inoculated at the clinic so that they can undergo antibody testing.

Oji-Kita Stomatology Clinic, where the suspect Funaki serves as director (some images have been doctored).
Funaki, a doctor, was arrested on suspicion of “vaccine fraud.
  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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