Eros is “a way of life and a choice”…the “meaning” of the new Nikkatsu Roman Porno film. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Eros is “a way of life and a choice”…the “meaning” of the new Nikkatsu Roman Porno film.

Any kind of relationship is "It's love. It's okay" - Sanae Kameyama Report

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Eros is the “primordial god of sexuality and love” in Greek mythology. Even though times change and expressions change, people cannot escape from Eros. Half a century ago, Eros was directly connected to “life and karma. Now, eros may be an expression of “a way of life and choices.

Nikkatsu Roman Porno” is releasing new works, which question the “current state of eros” after a 34-year gap. The first film is “Hands,” written by Naoqora Yamazaki ©2022 Nikkatsu

This is what I thought as I watched the three new films announced as part of the “Roman Porno Now” project, a new project of the “Roman Porno 50th Anniversary Project.

Each film captures the “now” of the times and carefully depicts the psychology of women. The women choose their own sexuality with “their own will.

There was a “culture” called Nikkatsu Roman Porno

In 1971, Nikkatsu launched “Roman Porno” with the company’s fortunes on the line. The company produced and released a number of erotic works that visualized the world at the height of the economic growth period, and the dark side and discrepancies of a society in which people’s feelings were not keeping pace with their economic prosperity. It was also a time when women were visibly becoming stronger, as represented by women’s lib. This is probably why they received overwhelming support from male students and businessmen of the time. The films depicted the strong desires that men have at their core, as well as their respect and awe for women, in every detail.

Over the next 17 years, approximately 1,100 films were produced, and in 1988, Roman Porno came to an end. However, films from that period are still shown in movie theaters from time to time, and over time, Roman Porno has become a “classic” and is even discussed in university film courses. It is likely that people are now re-evaluating the filming techniques, the superb direction, and the human “karma” that is exposed in every detail.

And in 2022. The three “new” films to be released this year are ” Hand” (directed by Daigo Matsui),“I Love You! (directed by Koji Shiraishi), and “Yuri no Ameon” (directed by Shusuke Kaneko).

In these films, there are almost no characters who are motivated by “karma” in the traditional sense. Life and sex are not equal. Sex is an option or an alternative to life. However, this does not mean that desire and sex are neglected. It is precisely because it is not a way of life that there are sincere questions about sex and life.

Careful attention is paid to the delicacy of young women.

The first film in this project, “Hands” (original story by Naokora Yamazaki), which will be released on September 16, features as its heroine 25-year-old Sawako, whose hobby is taking pictures of her uncles and collecting them. The story is about her gradual change from being interested only in older men to dating a co-worker of the same generation. Behind the scenes, there is a complicated emotional conflict between Sawako and her father. Her father rarely speaks to Sawako, the eldest of the two sisters, and if he does call her “onee-chan” on occasion, it is to call her “onee-chan. But at the end of the film, when he comes to realize his old age, he addresses her as “Sawa-chan.

The film goes on with a number of “modern” episodes, such as a man who cries selfishly, and an “uncle” who can no longer hold his breath when his girlfriend pokes him in his pain.

The film seems to capture the sensitive feelings that women today must be experiencing, such as the conflict they feel with their fathers and the difficulty of living with their own clumsiness. Many women may empathize with Sawako, who does not (or cannot) cry out loud or make a fuss when she is hurt.

Akari Fukunaga, who played Sawako, said at the press conference for Roman Porno Now, “I thought Sawako was close to me, but when I actually played the role, many questions came up. I was worried, but I cherished Sawako’s thoughts and feelings”.

Underground Idol and SM Queen

What might be noted as a unique work is “I love you! I love you!” would be. Misa, who gave up her career as a professional wrestler to become an underground idol, is scouted by the owner of an SM lounge who sees her qualities. Misa meets Kanon, a dominatrix who exudes a unique aura, and is awakened to pleasure for the first time. The owner of the lounge is ryuchell, who recently divorced and attracted a lot of attention. Masahiro Takashima, who supervised the planning of the film and also appears in it himself, makes an interesting appearance. In his book “Hentai Gentleman,” Takashima writes passionately about his fascination with SM, and he attracted attention at the Roman Porno Now press conference when he spoke passionately about it.

When this story came to me, I was happy and surprised, but the next thing I knew I was shaking with fear lest the real fetishists say I was being phony.”

How do people change when they awaken to a pleasure they never knew they had? Is jealousy love? Is loving someone a wounded thing? Combined with the key words in the title, the film makes us think about the relationship between “love, passion, and pleasure.

Chisako Kawase, the heroine, said, “It was very difficult because I had to do a lot of other things besides the usual acting, such as bondage, wielding a whip, singing, and dancing. I practiced every day, tying up my torso morning and night to become a queen,” she told the audience at the press conference.

I love you! is set in an SM lounge, and the lively expressions of ryuchell and Masahiro Takashima will move you.

A sexual love story between desperate women

Yuri no Ameon (The Sound of Lilies Raining)” is the first film depicting a love affair between women since “OL Yuri Zoku: 19 Years Old,” released in 1984.

Hazuki, who is timid about love due to past trauma, secretly has feelings for her female boss, Shiori. Shiori, too, is troubled by her work and marital relationship.

I played a woman who falls in love with a woman, but it is simple to fall in love with someone, no matter who the love interest is. I want to be the same way,” said Komiya Kazuha, who played Hazuki. Hanazumi, who played Shiori, also said, “I want a title in society and a child in my married life. But she is not well-liked by her subordinates, and her husband is having an affair. It was a little sad to see a woman struggling to make ends meet while being troubled and conflicted.

The beautiful screen is impressive.

Yuri no Ame no Oto (The Sound of Lilies in the Rain)” (scheduled for release on October 14) depicts the love between a married career woman and her subordinate. The film vividly confronts the themes of work, marriage, childbirth, and past trauma ©2022 Nikkatsu

In each of the three films, a different “modern form of love” clearly emerges. It doesn’t matter what form it takes, as long as you are satisfied with it. No matter what kind of love it is, “It’s love,” they gently push you back and say, “It’s okay. It’s okay,” gently pushing your back.

At the “Roman Porno Now Release Commemorative Event” held on August 18, three directors (back row, from left: Daigo Matsui, Koji Shiraishi , Shusuke Kaneko), (from left) Daigo Kaneko, Akari Fukunaga, starring in “Hands”; Chisako Kawase, starring in “I Love You! Chisako Kawase, Kazuha Komiya and Hanazumi from “Yuri no Ameon” and Masahiro Takashima from “I love you! Masahiro Takashima of “I love you!” took the stage and spoke about his passion.

Roman Porno Now] “Hands” will open in theaters nationwide on September 16, and “I Love You! Friday, September 30, and “Yuri no Ameon” Friday, October 14.

  • Interview and text by Sanae Kameyama

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