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Behind the “super-sluggish” sales of new DREAMS COME TRUE CD, Johnny’s has the upper hand

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DREAMS COME TRUE was a top runner in the Japanese music scene. That’s why it was so shocking to see their CDs go unsold…

“This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a song by a singer.

On September 22, Drikam released a new single, “Next Se~no! on the Green Hill-” on September 22. However, it seems that it did not sell well at all.

It first appeared at No. 20 in the Oricon Weekly Ranking dated October 4 (September 20 to September 26). In the following week’s ranking, it dropped to 35th place. In the Daily Single Ranking, which shows the movements on the day of the release, it was ranked 11th for the first time.

In response to this, Nakamura wrote on his blog on the 5th, “PS Desperate Patch: A Request from Masa”.

In response to this, Nakamura wrote on his blog on April 5, “PS Desperate Patch Masa asks that all babies who are thinking of purchasing the new single CD should do so as soon as possible.

He continued. He continued

The situation surrounding Dorikamu’s CDs is severe, so please buy them before they are returned from CD stores. After all, the worst record has been broken.

He wrote nakedly.

Speaking of Dorikam, their album “The Swinging Star” released in November 1992 sold 3.22 million copies and became a triple million seller. Their single CD “Love Love Love” released in July 1995 sold 2.5 million copies, and they have many other hit songs.

On the Internet, people were surprised at the unexpectedly disastrous situation, saying, “I didn’t expect Dorikam…”, “I’m shocked”, and “The word ‘return’ is so vivid. It’s sad news, even if it’s a sign of the times.

“In the 90’s, Tetsuya Komuro was in his prime and CDs were the mainstream. If you were a popular artist, it was a time when, for lack of a better word, ‘if you put it out, it will sell. The record companies were very happy, and many employees of music-related companies spent lavishly in Roppongi.

Now, however, CD sales have been replaced by distribution releases and subscriptions, and CDs are not selling at all. Some people in the industry have even gone so far as to say that CDs will disappear sooner or later.

In the age of mass information society, music is also being “consumed”. We can listen to music any time by downloading the data to our smartphones. The sound quality is getting better every day.

“The Corona disaster has also changed our lifestyle. Concerts themselves have been cancelled, and opportunities to experience real music have decreased.

“As people spend more time at home, the number of people who go out of their way to buy CDs at CD stores has also decreased dramatically. Many people have realized that you can get everything on the Internet,” said a record company employee.

CDs have become a thing for fans who want to keep the “real thing” at hand and for those who buy them for the perks.

Even in this “CD winter era,” the Johnny’s Agency continues to be the sole winner.

For example, King & Prince’s new song “Koi Yuru Tsukiyo ni Kimisoufu” was ranked number one in the Oricon Daily Single Ranking on October 6th. To give you an idea of how much of a difference it makes, Kinpuri sold an estimated 62,180 copies, while “MONSTER GIRLS” by “R3BIRTH” came in second with 1,822 copies.

Even more impressive is Snow Man’s first album, “Snow ManiaS1,” which was released on the 29th of last month. It sold 841,000 copies in its first week of release, ranking second in the history of first week sales of first albums by male artists, following CHEMISTRY’s “The Way We Are” (1,143,000 copies) in November 2001. A source at the record company mentioned above said.

A record company official said, “Johnny’s is truly exceptional. The CD culture has taken root in this age. Fans buy CDs first, and then download the digital version. I think it is largely due to the efforts of Janie and Mary Kitagawa, who stuck to the analog method of sales promotion.

I think that’s a big part of it.

Returning to the topic of Dorikamu, fans responded to Nakamura’s cry. They bought multiple copies of the new song and called on others to buy it. Nakamura wrote on her blog on August 6

On the 6th, Nakamura wrote on her blog, “Another big tear for that feeling. Thank you. Don’t buy anymore.

He thanked her. Even though we live in a digital age, in the end, analog may be the only way to move things forward.

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