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President’s Secret Itinerary Leaked: South Korea’s First Lady Got Criticized Heavily for being a “Secret Agent”

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First Lady Kim was very popular at the beginning of her administration. But here comes the criticism (The People Power Party/Lee Jae-Won/Afro)

[Public Announcement. The President will visit Daegu’s Seomun Market on August 26 at 12:00 pm. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

On August 24, such a post was made on a South Korean Facebook page. The Facebook page belonged to “Gonghee Sarang (I love you, Kim Keon-hee),” a fan club of Kim Keon-hee (49), the wife of President Yun Suk-yeol (61). This post is controversial.

The president’s schedule is a top-secret security matter. If it is leaked in advance, I don’t know what kind of trouble I will get into with the opposition. The reporters around the president will not be informed until ‘embargo day. It’s a big problem because that top-secret information was made public on Facebook. And from her side.

The presidential office apologized and said, “We will be very careful to prevent such a thing from happening again. At the same time, the presidential office denied that Kim was involved, saying, “The fan club and the wife have nothing to do with each other. “However, there is no way that the general public can know about the government’s top-secret matters. There is a suspicion that information is being leaked from Kim’s circle.

Nearly 100,000 members

Kim’s popularity is soaring. Keon-Sarang was launched last December. Initially, there were about 30,000 members, but the number has now grown to nearly 100,000.

The main reason for its popularity is its unpretentious, folksy attitude. Even after becoming first lady, she still takes out meals at a downtown mass market. She also casually shares her personal life on Instagram. Her favorite white sandals (about 3,500 yen) on Instagram became a hot topic and sold out at various stores. If you search for “Kim Keon-hee” on “Neighbor Shopping,” a major Korean online shopping site, you will get more than 2,500 hits,” he said.

Recently, however, the praise has taken a turn for the worse, with a number of criticisms directed at Mr. Kim. More than once, the schedule from his fan club has been leaked, as mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Kim and his wife have published many private photos of the couple outside of the official government images. Some of them show the private schedules of the couple.

Personnel matters have also been disputed. Until May of this year, Mrs. Kim was the representative of the art planning company “Kobana Contents.” It was discovered that two of the company’s staff members had accompanied her to official functions as First Lady. In particular, the company’s executive director has frequently appeared and made public appearances alongside Mrs. Kim. It has also been discovered that a friend accompanied the president on his outings and rode with him on his private plane. Mrs. Kim has been called a ‘secret agent’ by the opposition, and she has been heavily criticized for mixing her public and private life.

President Yun’s approval rating has slumped to the 20-30% range. Criticism of Kim has also had an impact, and three months into his presidency, he has already reached a critical juncture.

  • Photo The People Power Party/Lee Jae-Won/Afro

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