The latest “Orbis” system is now in operation on the Tomei Expressway! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The latest “Orbis” system is now in operation on the Tomei Expressway!

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The semi-fixed type Orbis that was introduced. The pedestal is about 2 meters long, but it is much smaller than the conventional fixed type, so it is easy to miss even if you are paying attention.

In April this year, the latest Orbis was finally installed on the Tomei Expressway, one of Japan’s major traffic arteries. Its name is the “semi-fixed” Orbis. This new model was first installed on the Hanshin Expressway in 2021, and has been deployed in seven prefectures throughout Japan. Katsumi Osuga, a representative of PASOYA Corporation, which operates the information site “Orbis Guide,” explains its performance.

The semi-fixed type is a model that combines the best of both fixed and mobile types. The fixed type can operate 24 hours a day, but is easily detected from a distance. The mobile type is portable, but due to its battery, it can only operate for about four hours at most, and requires the presence of a police officer. On the other hand, the “semi-fixed type” has a “pedestal” with a built-in power supply installed in multiple locations, and the main unit moves around inside the pedestal. It is the trump card for speeding enforcement, operating unattended 24 hours a day and appearing and disappearing at will.

The one deployed on the Tomei Expressway can measure speeds up to 220 km/h from about 70 meters ahead. Currently, there are three pedestals on the Tomei Expressway, two in Numazu City and one in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and there is no doubt that the number will increase in the future.

In addition, a new Orbis has been installed on the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway. Mr. Osuga continues.

A model that can measure and photograph two lanes at the same time has been installed near Ginza. Until now, if two offending vehicles passed by at the same time, only one of them could be detected, but this model has no leaks.

Orbis continues to evolve. In Hokkaido, where seven Orbis systems were installed, the number of enforcement actions last year increased seven-fold. Full-scale nationwide deployment may be imminent.

The most important thing is to obey the legal speed limit. During the Golden Week holidays, when there are more opportunities to go out, we should be even more mindful of safe driving.

A two-lane model has been installed near Ginza on the Metropolitan Expressway. The same type is also installed on the Bayshore Route of the Metropolitan Expressway.

From the May 12 and 19, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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