Junior High School Girl Stabbed a Mother and Daughter — Her Motive is More Terrifying than the Crime! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Junior High School Girl Stabbed a Mother and Daughter — Her Motive is More Terrifying than the Crime!

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The street in Shibuya Ward where the incident took place. Nearby is Shinsen Station on the Keio Inokashira Line.

“A woman screams that went on for more than a minute. When I went outside, I found three women struggling with each other on the street as if they were trying to perform a judo move. One of the older women shouted, “Let go of me! ‘ she yelled. The girl who was struggling with her had a knife in her hand.”

A man who lives nearby recalls the violent act that took place near a downtown area in Tokyo.

The incident took place after 7 p.m. on August 20. The location is Maruyamacho in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, about 700 meters west of JR Shibuya Station, and although there are restaurants nearby, there are few pedestrians. On a quiet street, a junior high school student (15) from Toda City, Saitama Prefecture, suddenly stabbed her mother (53) and daughter (19) from behind with a knife while they were walking.

“The mother and daughter were on their way home in Suginami Ward. The girl was carrying a knife with a blade of about 8.5 cm in length. The mother was stabbed in both shoulders, abdomen and back. The daughter was stabbed in the left arm and back. The wound on the daughter’s back was more than 10 cm deep, indicating a strong intent to kill. Both mother and daughter are alive, but they will be seriously injured for more than three months,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

The daughter was exhausted.

The street where the incident took place

The girl left home around noon on the day of the incident.

I’m going to cram school.

She told her mother that she was going to cram school, and took a train to JR Shinjuku Station. She walked around from Shinjuku, looking for a place with few pedestrians, and arrived at the scene of the crime.  A male resident of the area mentioned above said, “The daughter was stabbed in the back.”

The daughter, who had been stabbed in the back, was very exhausted. While the mother and the girl were struggling, an employee of a nearby restaurant took the knife from the girl’s hand. The employee threw the knife away (so that it would not become a weapon again) two to three meters away. So the people around them worked together to subdue the girl. The girl was dressed casually in shorts and a T-shirt, but she seemed somewhat gloomy.

The street where the incident took place

According to a male resident, “the girl who was stabbing was lying on her back without resistance. Her subsequent behavior was bizarre. She looked up at the sky and asked the people around her, “Is she (referring to the stabbed girl) dead? ”

When the police arrived at the scene, the girl’s shoes were off and her eyes were empty and she seemed to have lost her mind. When the police handed her over to the police, she suddenly burst into tears. She was mumbling about something. In her pockets were a folding knife and a fruit knife, different from the one she used to commit the crime.

The girl is said to have given a straightforward answer to an inquiry by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Juvenile Affairs Division.

She said, “As for her motive for committing the crime, she said, ‘I wanted to be executed, so I stabbed two people I happened to find. I was going to kill my own mother and brother, but I wanted to practice to see if I could really kill them. She also added, ‘I didn’t like it because I was starting to have a similar personality with her. I felt sorry to show her body, so I decided to kill my brother together with her.'”

The girl had been intermittently absent from school since the winter of her first year of junior high school. Even when she went to school, she spent her time in the infirmary instead of going to class. However, she told the police that there was no trouble at home or at school.

The girl’s statements do not add up in many angle. The police are investigating a more detailed motive.

Nearby is the apartment where the 1997 murder of a TEPCO female office worker took place (some images have been edited).
The crime scene
  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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