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Old Unification Church, Daddy’s Life, Billion-Dollar Scam…Disturbing Congressman’s “Fearful True Face” Photo

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Mr. Hagiuda (far right) and Mr. Ikuta (far left) addressing the public during the Upper House election.

Mr. Hagiwada said, “I was aware that such things do not happen now. I regret that I was a little short on my thoughts about the fact that there are still people suffering from various problems.”

On August 18, Kōichi Hagiuda, 58, the LDP’s policy chief, admitted that he had visited a facility affiliated with the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (hereafter, the former Unification Church) in June, just before the House of Councillors election, and explained that he had done so. He was accompanied by Akiko Ikina, 54, a member of the House of Councillors, who was running for election to the upper house. He said he visited the facility in Hachioji City, Tokyo, Hagiuda’s hometown, because he was aware that there were members of the former Unification Church there, and continued as follows: “It was my first election.

He said, “This was my first election and I didn’t know what kind of activities I should do, so I agreed that [Mr. Ikuta] should visit the facility. I don’t think he knew about the facility or the kind of people who gathered there.”

It is known that Mr. Hagiuda’s supporters’ association and party branches paid membership fees of approximately 90,000 yen six times between 2000 and 2007 to an organization affiliated with the former Unification Church. Hagiwada said that he would “take appropriate measures,” but did not say that he would “break off the relationship.

Mr. Hagiuda and Mr. Ikuta are not the only controversial council members who have been arrested for a billion yen fraud case, alleged daddy-daughter activities, adultery, and indecent acts with high school girls. …… There are many disturbed senshi in the Diet and the city council. We would like to introduce the true faces of some of these troubled councilors with some treasured photos.

Releasing a photo book for political funds

Mr. Yoshiba, a city council member, is alleged to have been involved in a fraud case. He often appeared at events held in Osaka and Tokyo.

The incumbent city councilor was arrested on August 1. The suspect, Mika Yoshiba, 42, a council member of Neyagawa City, Osaka, was arrested on suspicion of fraud. A group of men and women, including Yoshiba, were arrested. The suspects are suspected of having defrauded medical facilities of more than 1 billion yen by providing false explanations about a public loan program to support medical facilities whose business performance had deteriorated due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

Yoshiba has been known as a “disturbing city councilor” since he was first elected in 2007 at the age of 26.

Under the guise of raising political funds, he sold a photo book titled “Mika Yoshiba. “In the name of raising political capital, I released a photo book titled ‘Mika Yoshiba. The 500 copies of the book, priced at 1,000 yen each, quickly sold out and were reprinted.

She ran an event management company in Tokyo and must have been quite prosperous. He often drove a yellow Mercedes Benz to the office. Perhaps he was particular about his badge, but he wore it not on his chest but on a flashily decorated cell phone strap.

It seems that his personal life was also quite glamorous. A restaurant worker who knew the suspect, Yoshiba, said, “He is dead now, but he was involved in the food industry.

He was loved by the president of a food company, who has already passed away. The president took him to various events in Tokyo and Osaka. It seems that he also interacted with the head of the entertainment agency. At his birthday party, I took the microphone and congratulated him.”

In essence, it is the duty of lawmakers to work for the nation and local governments. Anyone who tries to disrupt the lives of the people and evade accountability should leave the assembly immediately.

Councilor Yoshikawa Takeru, who is suspected of engaging in paparazzi activities. He has been giving one-sided explanations on his blog.
Daisuke Akasaka, a ward assemblyman from Minato Ward, Tokyo, who was arrested for talking dirty to a high school girl and dancing naked.
Group photo taken at a support event for the disabled in Neyagawa City in August 2008. The suspect Yoshiba can be seen in the upper right and Councilor Imai on the left (image has been processed).
Super Crazy-kun was a member of the Toda City Council in Saitama Prefecture, but his election was invalidated on the grounds that he had no actual residence.
Councilor Tsukasa Akimoto was re-arrested on suspicion of violating the Organized Crime Punishment Law (witness tampering).
Sachiko Arai, a town councilor of Kusatsu Town, Gunma Prefecture, accused of having sexual intercourse with the town mayor.
  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo Yukinori Otani Takao Kawakami Afro Jiji Press

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