High School Teacher and Board of Directors of Baseball Federation Urinates on the Skirt of a High School Girl! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

High School Teacher and Board of Directors of Baseball Federation Urinates on the Skirt of a High School Girl!

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Suspect Yagi to be sent to the police station. Several incidents of being doused with liquid in the city are being investigated as related.

On August 17, Chiba Higashi Police arrested Tomohiro Yagi, 32, on suspicion of assault for urinating on a high school girl on a street in the city.

The suspect, Tomohiro Yagi, is suspected of urinating on the skirt of a high school girl who was riding a bicycle on July 8 at around 9:30 p.m. He is suspected of urinating on the skirt of the girl’s school uniform on two occasions. The female high school student was on her way home, and after being urinated on the first time, she was urinated on again about 1 km away on the street. Yagi was a Japanese language teacher at Sodegaura High School.

“After urinating on the female student, the suspect went out of his way to ambush her before committing the crime again. The incident was discovered when a female student called 110. Security camera footage led to his arrest. The suspect admitted to the interrogation that he definitely peed on the girl. Yagi was arrested on suspicion of violating the prefectural nuisance prevention ordinance (indecent language and behavior) for showing his underwear by fully opening the zipper of his slacks to a female clerk at a convenience store in the city on the 16th, the day before. This is the second time he has been arrested within a few hours of his release on April 17,” said a source close to the investigation.

Yagi boarded the convoy without resisting police arrest.

The suspect, Yagi, is the head of the Sodegaura High School baseball team and is also named as the president of the prefectural high school baseball federation. He had a good reputation among the students, who said that he was an instructive teacher. Why would such a teacher commit such a crime? The police are investigating the motive. Mr. Shuji Suzuki, a lawyer well versed in obscenity cases, explains the possible scenario that will happen.

“He was arrested on August 16, just before the incident, but his criminal punishment was not decided at the trial. Considering that this is his first offense, we can usually expect an indictment or, at worst, a fine of about 100,000 yen. Either way, you will probably be out in a few days. The investigation will continue, including the possibility of additional charges.”

After his release from prison, there is a strong possibility that he will be dismissed on disciplinary grounds. Mr. Suzuki also mentions the possibility of recidivism after his release.

He said, “The nuisance prevention ordinance of the previous day will also be taken into consideration, so basically, I think he will be dismissed from his position on disciplinary grounds. His teaching license will also be cancelled. I hope that will make him remorseful. I feel that many sex offenders have multiple convictions and extra convictions. Generally speaking, it is difficult for them to heal on their own, so they often have to go to specialized clinics to correct themselves, but neither the courts nor the prosecutor’s office will provide support such as referrals to such specialized institutions, so they have to find on their own or consult a lawyer to find a suitable treatment center. However, if they are frustrated in the process or easily give in to their desires, unfortunately, there is a high possibility that they will commit a crime again.”

The prefectural board of education commented, “We will confirm the facts as soon as possible. Since the rate of recidivism is high, thorough measures are required to prevent another incident from occurring.”

The high school girl involved did not know him. Why did Yagi commit the crime when he had a good reputation at the school? In order to prevent recidivism, we are waiting for the motive to be clarified.
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