Kyoko Hasegawa’s Divorce Crisis Report Seems Real, and Both Offices Are on Edge | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kyoko Hasegawa’s Divorce Crisis Report Seems Real, and Both Offices Are on Edge

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Kyoko Hasegawa, who was reportedly separated from her husband. Recently, she has been active as a YouTuber…

Actress Kyoko Hasegawa and her husband Seiichi Shindo, guitarist for Porno Graffitti, are separated and on the verge of divorce, reports “Josei Seven”.

The two met in 2008 and got married quickly within three months. This year marks their 13th year of marriage, and they have a 12-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter. The mother, Hasegawa, is said to have left her family home and is living alone in another apartment. Shindo spends weekdays with the children, and Hasegawa only sees them on weekends.

A similar case that is still fresh in my mind is that of Ryoko Shinohara and Masachika Ichimura, who announced their divorce in July this year. Shinohara had moved out of his family home and was living alone.

They had announced that they were separating because of the Corona disaster, but the divorce ended up being final. Ichimura has custody.

Shinohara was also reported to be having an affair with Gwang-soo, a member of the Korean male idol group “SUPERNOVA” (formerly known as Supernova). At the time of the divorce announcement, Shinohara published a photo of the couple standing side by side to emphasize that their divorce was amicable, but if they were truly amicable, they would not be getting a divorce.

“If they were truly happy, they would not divorce. I have rarely heard that they returned home after a long period of time and later became amicable.

Even though Ms. Hasegawa was putting a lot of effort into her education, the fact that she left the house on her own indicates that there was a considerable crack in the marriage. I’m sure she’s prepared for this in her heart.

In 2003, Friday reported that Shindo allegedly had an affair with a beautiful woman in Susukino, Hokkaido, which he visited on his national tour. Shindo, a member of a popular band called Porno Graffitti, has been popular since he was single.

Since then, Hasegawa has gradually changed. He has surprised his fans by appearing on TV programs to show his uninhibited side in love, and also by becoming more and more exposed in photo books. Also, in the photos taken by weekly magazines of her walking around the city in private, her sexy fashion has become more prominent, as if she is not a mother of two.

I wonder if the two of them will go their separate ways.

“It seems that both of their offices have asked the stations not to cover this news too much. They don’t dare to say why, but it’s generally accepted that it’s true. Whenever there is a false report, they always insist that there is no basis in fact. The “Josei Seven” report on the divorce crisis had a very real feel to it that made the readers think so, so it is natural that the mood is tense. I think it’s safe to say that they want to stop the flying report because it might cause trouble to other places,” said a wide show insider.

Last year, Hasegawa opened a YouTube channel. She has been uploading fashion, cooking, morning routines, etc. The most popular one has over 1.3 million views, so we can say she is doing well.

Even if the worst happens, she may still be supported by women as a “strong mother”.

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