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Mako’s PTSD announcement: “Change and distress” in the way TV stations reported it

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Mako, who will marry Kei Komuro in October (Photo: AFLO)

It was a surprising confession.

On October 1, the Imperial Household Agency announced at a press conference that Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family, who will marry Kei Komuro on October 26, has been diagnosed with complex PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Tsuyoshi Akiyama, head of the Quality Assurance Office at NTT East Kanto Hospital, who attended the press conference, said of Mako

“He explained that Mako “experienced a long-term repetition of what she perceived as slanderous incidents against herself and her family, and against her marriage partner and his family, and that she could not escape them.

He explained. From around 2006 to 2007, Mako began to feel that her dignity as a human being was being trampled by the bashing. She sometimes has flashbacks of her fears, and “it is difficult for her to feel a sense of happiness.

To improve his symptoms, he mentioned that he should stop slandering people. Mr. Akiyama said

“I believe that with the warm support of the people around me, I will be able to quickly recover my health.

He testified.

Some people on the Internet were puzzled by the sudden announcement, but it seems that TV stations with news programs and wide shows were urged to take immediate action. A director of an information program at one of the major commercial broadcasters told us, “In a nutshell, I think it’s a good idea to have a news program with a little bit of information.

“In a nutshell, they have refrained from blatant criticism of Mr. Komuro and excessive expressions. The same applies to Princess Mako, of course. It’s fine if the discussion is based on confirmed information, such as the withdrawal of the lump-sum payment or the date of the wedding, but it’s not okay to make too many leaps. Television has no choice but to adapt to these changes. And this time, the subject is Princess Mako. We were notified by the station’s upper management to be extremely careful.

I won’t reveal names, but some of the hosts of the TV shows have been making a lot of comments about Mako’s physical condition after the announcement of her PTSD. This is not because they want to, but rather because there is a sense of “too much caution” spreading rapidly throughout the TV stations.

“On TV, the tone of the debate is shifting to one of ‘pure love’ and ‘we can only wish for happiness for them if they go this far. If you call that ‘discovery,’ that’s all you have to say, but the field is also struggling. It can be said that the measure was taken after various considerations.

Some people are still demanding that the truth be revealed about the financial troubles of Komuro’s mother, Kayo, and the issue of the family pension, and the gap between them and the media coverage is widening.

“What TV stations are afraid of is that the BPO (Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization) and the government will act. The BPO (Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization) and the government have been tightening their grip on television in recent years on the grounds that it induces bullying. That’s exactly what happened with Kei Komuro, and stations have no choice but to produce programs while reading the air.

This situation tends to attract criticism on the Internet, but I think that is misguided. The announcement by the Imperial Household Agency was so serious that they had no choice but to do so.

“It is said that Mako was really distressed, and those around her who were worried about her urged her to disclose her PTSD. It seems that this had a negative effect on her in some ways, but in any case, the people involved are heartbroken about it.

On the 26th, Mr. Komuro and Princess Mako are scheduled to hold a press conference together. On the 26th, Mr. Komuro and HIH Princess Mako are scheduled to hold a press conference together. Since HIH Princess Mako is not in good health, I would like to hear Mr. Komuro explain the series of problems.

“As if to make a preemptive move, the other day Ms. Komuro announced that she would negotiate with her former fiancé on behalf of Kayo. As a result, the party involved in the financial trouble has been replaced by Ms. Komuro, and even if she is asked about it at a press conference, she can now say, ‘We are currently negotiating and will refrain from discussing the details.

It is unlikely that he will be able to give an answer that will satisfy the public. I wonder how the TV and media will report and evaluate the press conference.

  • Photo Motoo Naka/Afro

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