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Queen Kim Yonna Marries a Vocalist 5 Years Younger Than Her!

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Until now, Yona Kim has only had one reported case of a love affair. It was a sudden announcement of marriage (Image: Splash/Afro)

[Claire] We are getting married this October. After deep consideration, I have made a decision that will mean a great deal to my life.

On July 25, a handwritten letter was published. The writer is Koh U-rim (27), a Korean vocalist and member of the vocal group “Forestella.” The couple is planning to get married on October 22 at a hotel in Seoul.

The revelation of the former queen’s passionate love affair began with a July 25 article in the online media “THE FACT’. The article showed a photo of Kim Yo-na and Woorim walking arm in arm under a parasol on a rainy night. The article reported, “They looked at each other and you could feel the depth of their love.”

After the article was published, their respective agencies readily admitted their relationship. They announced their marriage in October, saying, “We have a happy news” and We are going to hold a candlelight ceremony with Koh Woorim.”

“FRIDAY” reported on Kim’s love affair with Mr. A, a former ice hockey player for the South Korean national team, in April 2002, right after Kim YoonA retired. In April 2002, just after Kim retired, “FRIDAY” reported her love affair with Mr. A, a former national ice hockey player. However, the playful Mr. A was found to be involved with several women. The couple reportedly broke up a few months after the report. This Mr. A is the only man with whom Kim Younha has reportedly had a relationship in the past.

Her father is a pastor.

With actor Park Po-gum at an event for the Pyeongchang Olympics in 2006 (Image: Splash/Afro)

Kim Yoona and Woorim’s relationship began in May 2006. Woorim appeared as a guest at an ice show where she performed. I heard that Kim YoonA, who was a big fan of musicals, took a liking to Woorim and they started dating.

Woorim is a talented graduate of the prestigious Seoul National University’s vocal department and has won prizes in numerous international competitions. Unlike Mr. A, who used to date Kim Younha, he is serious and faithful. They have never had any serious problems in their four-year relationship.

It looks like smooth sailing for the newlyweds, but there are some uncertainties. But there are some uncertainties about Urim’s future.

He was born in July 1995, five years younger than Yoona Kim, who was born in September 1990, and is 27 years old. Korean men are required to serve in the military by the time they reach the age of 28. That means Urim has to enlist by next July. The length of military service is undecided, but it usually ranges from 18 months to two years, and the two will be separated right after their wedding and the start of their honeymoon.

Despite the obstacles, their love for each other is not likely to diminish. The former queen of figure skating should be able to live happily married life, even if it is long distance.

Urim is married to Kim Yoona. He has a good reputation (Image: Kyodo News)
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