Despite Live-In Scandal, Suzu Hirose Is Still Dominating the Spotlight With Her “Yukata and Mini-Skirt”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Despite Live-In Scandal, Suzu Hirose Is Still Dominating the Spotlight With Her “Yukata and Mini-Skirt”!

Actress Suzu Hirose is doing well in both her private and public life after her "love affair" was revealed!

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“It makes me very excited.”

Actress Suzu Hirose (24) smiles in a cool blue yukata at Fujifilm’s new product launch event held in Tokyo on July 7. The tension in the audience was high. Nearly 100 members of the press had gathered there in response to reports of a love affair between Hirose and actor Kento Yamazaki (27). However, she left the venue with a smile on her face without mentioning the news.

On July 7, Suzu Hirose appeared at a Fujifilm product launch event in Tokyo. She made no mention of the reports of their love affair.

According to Bunshun Online, which reported their love affair, Yamazaki visited Hirose at her apartment on the evening of June 18, the day before her birthday, and the following day they watched the Tenshin Nasukawa vs.

They co-starred in the movie “April is Your Lie” in ’16, but it was only in the last couple of months that they started dating. Yamazaki began “coming home” to Hirose’s apartment rather than to his own home. Although they are both very busy, it seems that they are almost “living together.

While reports of Hirose’s love affair have made a splash in magazines and on the Internet, there has been almost no mention of it on TV.

In this case, the two agencies have been putting out the fire. Yamazaki, in particular, could not afford to have anything reported on him, especially since it was right before the release of the movie “Kingdom 2. Conversely, that’s how serious they were about their relationship. It’s a pity that we have to accept all of their intentions,” said the desk in charge of entertainment at a sports newspaper.

Despite the fuss around her, Hirose herself is doing very well. She must be having a fulfilling day at work and in her private life.

Hirose leaving a Louis Vuitton event at Tokyo Midtown on July 5. She made no mention of her love affair on this day.
She walked in a miniskirt 15 cm above the knee, flashing her legs. Her steps were light for her first public appearance after the love affair report.
Unpublished photos of Suzu Hirose in yukata and mini-skirt.
Suzu Hirose, in yukata and mini-skirt, dominates the spotlight!

From the July 29 and August 5, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

  • Photo by Takao Kawakami (1st photo)

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