Curling Chonami Yoshida, Who Got Married on Her Birthday, Nurtured “Lodge Love” With Her Groom. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Curling Chonami Yoshida, Who Got Married on Her Birthday, Nurtured “Lodge Love” With Her Groom.

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In February, Yoshida smiles as his friends play. I wonder if he still feels this way (Photo: Japan Magazine Association)

The encounter was in 2017

On February 27, Japan’s curling women’s national team member, Rocco Solare Yoshida Chinami (31), reported her marriage on her Instagram.

On social networking sites and the Internet, people said, “I’m a little sad, but congratulations,” and “A regrettable but beautiful man and woman couple. I wish them a long and happy life together.

On the other hand, the release of the marriage announcement from SportsBiz, the management company of Loco Solare, stated, “There are no plans to hold a press conference regarding this matter, and all comments will be limited to the content of this release. Please understand that we will not be able to provide any additional interviews with the groom or other related parties.”

We thought that the meeting with the groom, alpine skiing coach Kyosuke Kono, would remain a mystery, but Soichiro Takeda, a sportswriter with 13 years of curling coverage experience, told us, “We heard that the two met in 2017.”

“The JOC (Japanese Olympic Committee) has been holding training camp-style training sessions for Olympic athletes, candidates, and officials since the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. The Building up Team Japan 2017 for Pyeongchang Olympics’ would have been our first meeting.”

If it was at this camp, which was also attended by Yuzuru Hanyu and Sara Takanashi, that the two athletes, who are the same age, met and were attracted to each other by fate, Takeda denies the possibility.

I heard that coach Kono was one of the key members of the group. Rather than developing into a romantic relationship right away, it seems that he was just one of my friends. I don’t know the exact timing of their relationship, but it was probably after Coach Kono returned from his study abroad in Austria.

Attracted by the groom’s energy

Studying in Austria is an important part of Coach Kono’s career. He was a competitive alpine skier himself, but retired from the sport in 2018 due to a knee injury, and went to study abroad alone in Australia, the home of coaching.

He is now studying abroad in Australia, where he is a mentor. This dynamic may be part of what attracted Chinami to the sport. I have the impression that she is a person who is skilled at analyzing the current situation and improving it,” said Takeda.

Coach Kono’s family runs a popular ski resort called Lodge Marushige in Nozawaonsen Village, Nagano Prefecture. Based on the experience and inspiration Coach Kono gained at Austrian snow resorts , he has introduced a series of saunas and training rooms at ” Lodge Marushige” . Chinami Chosen was also seen training there on her Instagram .”

Yoshida has acquired many things at the same time, including a training environment and a new hometown along with her spouse. All she wants now is her first ever gold medal on the World Championships or Olympics stage. Rocco Solare’s first match of the season will be the Argographics Cup in Kitami, her hometown, in September. We expect Niizuma to give it a good shot.

Kyosuke Kono, the current groom, skiing at the Alpine Skiing World Cup (Photo: Afro)
A dignified expression before entering the competition (Japan Magazine Association)
Loudly giving instructions as he fires off a shot (Photo: Japan Magazine Association)
Mog-mog time (Japan Magazine Publishers Association)
Serious expressions on their faces alongside Yuko Suzuki (right) (Photo: Japan Magazine Publishers Association)
Mutual praise for a good fight with friends (Photo: Japan Magazine Publishers Association)
Sweeping the women’s curling final against Great Britain (Photo: Kyodo News)
Tears stream down her face as she looks at her silver medal after losing to Great Britain in the women’s curling final at the Beijing Olympics. At right is May Fujisawa (Beijing=Xinhua/ Kyodo News Images)
The silver medal was won by the entire team (Photo: Japan Magazine Association)
I wish you many years of happiness (Photo: Japan Magazine Publishers Association)

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