Mother’s “love for the cult” continues…Yamagami suspect’s reason for “taking a PCR test” before the incident. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mother’s “love for the cult” continues…Yamagami suspect’s reason for “taking a PCR test” before the incident.

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Suspect Tetsuya Yamagami being sent to the police station (Photo: Kei Kato)

On July 24, the Nara Prefectural Police raided the apartment of Tetsuya Yamagami in Nara City, and from July 25, the suspect will be detained for four months for evaluation in order to determine whether he is criminally responsible.

The suspect’s mother told the prosecutor’s office that she was sorry for causing trouble by exposing the Unification Church to criticism over the incident. It is also reported that the mother told an acquaintance that she wanted to continue her faith. It seems that she is still in contact with those involved with the cult, and it is shocking to see that her “love for the cult” has not changed despite the fact that her own son caused such a terrible incident.

While the suspect’s family environment has been the focus of much attention, this magazine has obtained some testimony. An acquaintance of Yamagami’s told us, “Yamakami was a very good friend of the suspect.

Yamakami had undergone a PCR test about a week before the incident. It was at a small clinic called ‘A,’ which is located a few minutes’ walk from Yamagami’s home. He took the test not once, but multiple times.”

Yamakami as a student. He was a member of the cheerleading squad.

What was the intention behind this? A reporter asked.

It is known that the suspect had made careful preparations prior to the incident. From November last year to February this year, the suspect rented a garage in Nara Prefecture. The rent was about 15,000 yen per month, and it was large enough to park a passenger car. It appears that he was carrying out the work of drying gunpowder here. Around this spring, he finished making a homemade gun, and just before the incident, he also test-fired it at a facility affiliated with the cult.

It is difficult to imagine that Yamakami, who had been unemployed for a month prior to the incident, would take a PCR test for purposes other than committing the crime. Yamakami was also planning to attack former Prime Minister Abe at a speech he gave at a civic hall in Okayama City the day before the incident. In aiming for an opportunity to attack him, he may have considered the possibility that he would be required to submit negative proof of the PCR test, such as at a speech held indoors. This must be seen as part of Yamagami’s meticulous preparations. Yamakami was tested.”

When we requested an interview with “A,” where the Yamagami suspect had taken the test, the only response we received was, “I can’t answer that question.

So far, the mother of the Yamagami suspect is believed to have donated a total of nearly 100 million yen to the cult. The suspect, resentful of the cult, must have been running simulations to ensure that he would “pull off” the shooting of former Prime Minister Abe. The water never returns to the tray, but will the day ever come when the mother will reflect on her own “deeds”?

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