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Similar programs are appearing one after another… Is “Ametalk! is “wacko-con”?

The staff saw it! Behind the Scenes of Weekly TV

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Ametalk!” after Miyasako’s departure. after Miyasako left the show. Ameagari Kesshitai” has disbanded, but the show’s title, named after the duo, remains the same (photo by Ippei Hara).

On July 19, “Ametalk! (TV Asahi) aired a memorial program for Ryubei Ueshima (61 years old) on July 19.

Ametalk! became a topic of conversation immediately after Mr. Ueshima’s death, when a mourning video was hastily shown at the end of the program. Mr. Ueshima was a regular contributor to the program. It must have been his “love for Ueshima” that made it a positive project and not just a memorial program this time,” said a director of a production company.

Ametalk!” started in 2003 and will mark its 20th anniversary next year. is one of TV Asahi’s most popular variety shows, and will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year.

The invention of the “lumped talk” concept of “XX comedians” is an achievement in the world of variety shows. However, with the increase in similar programs, it has become a standard program, and the uniqueness of “Ametalk! has become less unique. The diversification of hobbies has led to an increase in the number of celebrities with professional-level knowledge in specific genres, and one reason for the decline may be that the content of “XX comedians” has become insufficient.

A mid-level broadcaster confides, “Surprisingly, that incident led to the extension of the program’s life span.

It was the problem of Hiroyuki Miyasako, 52, a former MC of the Ameagari Kesshitai, who was involved in a black-market business. Miyasako was forced to withdraw from the show after he refrained from activities, but his teasing increased the chances of the show making the news. Since Hotohara Toru (54) became the sole MC of the show, the young people who appear as guests have been well received as they are stretching themselves. Miyasako was noticeably putting pressure on the guests. With the start of Reiwa, compliance became much stricter, and the mild-mannered Hotaruhara may have been the right MC to prevent flare-ups.

Still, “it will be difficult for the show to regain its luster,” said a producer at a key station.

“The show has an element of an instruction manual for comedians, so the industry viewership is high. However, young comedians and staff members are beginning to say, “Producer Kaji Rinzo’s (53) sensibilities are a bit old-fashioned. He is also in charge of “London Hearts,” but Kaji’s mishandling of comedians, including standard surprise projects, is also seen as out of step with the times. Recently, young comedians seem to respect former TV Tokyo producer Nobuyuki Sakuma (46), who worked on “Godtan,” saying that he has a “hot love for comedians.

However, even though the industry sees it that way, TV Asahi employees were negative, saying, “Rejuvenation will not proceed so easily.

Kaji-san is a favorite of Chairman Hiroshi Hayakawa (78). When he was once reported for alleged adultery, he was not blamed. TV Asahi is good at making programs that appeal to mature viewers, such as “Partners,” but there are few programs that can get core viewer ratings (ratings among men and women aged 13 to 49). Kaji-san is a rare producer at the station who can get core viewer ratings. He is also involved in the “Ametalk Club,” which is a paid program, and still generates money. I think they still intend to have him work at the forefront of the industry.

Thus, “Ametalk! is being lengthened. ……

From the July 22, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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