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Saori Kimura’s “heart-printed loungewear” makes fans happy…

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Saori Kimura looks as dignified as she did when she was playing and still does today (AFLO)

Former Japanese women’s volleyball player Saori Kimura has become a hot topic after releasing a video of herself in her loungewear. “It was a great success, with many people commenting that Saori’s sex appeal is the best in the entertainment industry, that she always smiles and looks so cute, that she is very beautiful, and that she looks cute without makeup. She also posted a thumbnail image of the video on her Instagram account, which attracted a lot of likes. on his Instagram account.

Kimura showed the video on her YouTube account “SAORI & J STYLE [Saori Kimura & Yujiro Hidaka]”. The title of the video is “My 5 favorite petite plastic packs! The title of the video is “My 5 favorite petite plastic packs! #15”.

The video seems to have been shot at home. She is in a place full of life, with a brown leather sofa, a bookshelf, and an air purifier. Kimura is dressed in a white T-shirt with a heart pattern on it, which gives the impression of loungewear, and confesses, “I really like Puck. The secret of the “too beautiful athlete” is revealed.

The video begins by introducing the sheet packs that Kimura loves to use one after another. She explains how it feels on her face and its effects in simple terms.

The second part of the video shows Kimura actually applying the pack. In the washroom, Kimura was wearing a black Nike T-shirt. He is wearing a black Nike T-shirt. Perhaps a little embarrassed to show her face without makeup, she started off shyly, saying, “I’d like to start (filming) from a distance. I’d like to do it (the photo shoot) from a distance. The fans were very excited to see her too beautiful skin.

Kimura then went on to practice her pack routine. As an athlete, Kimura has reached the pinnacle of her career in Japan, but her professionalism is also evident in her beauty regimen. This video is a peek into Kimura’s personal life and is a must-see for fans.

Since his retirement, Kimura has been expanding his activities to include modeling and running a cafe. Expect to see more of him as a YouTuber in the future. ……!

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