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Two “Family Friends” Couples Involved in Third Party Situation

~Sanae Kameyama, "There is a Reason for Adultery" Report

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< On July 7, a 43-year-old man from Saitama Prefecture was arrested on suspicion of murder. He is happily married, but a problem developed when his wife became pregnant. He is suspected of killing his wife by making it look like a suicide. What do people think when they fall in “love” that cannot be explained by logic? A report by Sanae Kameyama, a writer covering adult love. >

Two couples who were close family friends. What if the husband falls in love with his friend’s wife? Both couples were faced with the horrific consequences of adult love.

What do people regret after they have an affair? Not a few people say, “I lost my family in the divorce,” “I lost the chance to see my children,” and even more often, “I lost my job.” 

There are not many women today who, when their husbands fall in love with other women, “just sit back and wait”, believing that one day they will come back to them. There may be some women who, for financial reasons, may cut the cord and continue with their daily lives, but in their hearts they have probably already given up on their husbands. Rather, some women are eagerly waiting for the chance to see how they can strike back.


A couple of colleagues who were family friends

Hisato Anzai (47 years old, pseudonym) has been married to Yuki, a year younger than him, for 20 years. And his girlfriend is Michiyo Honda (45), who also works at the same place. Michiyo’s husband, Kengo, also works at the same place, but in a different location.

In other words, love was born between two couples working at the same place. Hisato confesses, “Mr. and Mrs. Honda and I have always been close with each other.”

“We even traveled together as a family. But for the past few years, I was very concerned about Michiyo. I think it was all my fault.”

There was a catalyst that led to the two of them changing their relationship from a family affair to a private one. About three years before the COVID-19 crisis, the four of them went out for dinner. Toward the end of the meal, Michiyo complained that her husband was slacking off on his housework, and the Honda’s began quarreling. Yuki accused them, albeit quietly.

“From my point of view, Michiyo has a good point that she wants to work together and share the housework, Yuki said. “But I also understand how Kengo feels.” They usually don’t fight in public, so I guess they were in a bad mood that day. Yuki was a little critical of Michiyo. She could have changed the subject, but when Yuki accused her of being critical, Michiyo got up and left the restaurant. And yet Kengo was oblivious, so I went after Michiyo-san.”

I listened to her complaints in silence.

We went out for a drink together. She told me that her father had collapsed and that her mother had taken him to an institution because she felt she could no longer take care of him. Her husband, Kengo, was not very kind to her when it came to her parents’ affairs. When she asked him for advice, he said, “There’s nothing we can do about it. I think we have to leave it to your mother’s decision.” She was disappointed by her husband’s attitude, which she first learned about when she was faced with the task of caring for her parents.

He listened to all of Michiyo’s private complaints, comforted her, soothed her anger, and sent her on her way.

When Hisato returned home about two hours later, Yuki was angry, asking him why he had sent Michiyo home. It may have been the moment when a faint crack appeared between the two couples, who had been on good terms with each other.

After that, Hisato and Michiyo began to see each other. At first, they just met and talked, but they avoided the eyes of their colleagues and spouses. When they started meeting together, there was a fresh feeling that was completely different from meeting as husband and wife.

“I realized once again that I had been attracted to Michiyo. Until now, I had been covering it up by getting along well with other married couples. It was difficult for us to meet together. I lied to Yuki and she lied to Kengo, and we desperately tried to make time for each other. Now I wonder why I wanted to see her so badly, but at the time I was drowning in her, both physically and emotionally.”

He knew he had a solid wall in front of him, and he knew he was blocked in all directions, but he couldn’t stop. 

His wife checked his cell phone.

“About a year after I started seeing Michiyo, Yuki checked my cell phone, noticed, and tipped off Kengo. From there, it was hell. We finally decided that the four of us had no choice but to talk it out.”

“That was about two years ago. It was the COVID-19 crisis, but the four of us saw each other at work, as it was a job that required us to go to work as a rule. That was very hard for them” Hisato says.

At the time, Hisato and his wife had a 15-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter, and Michiyo had an 18-year-old daughter. It was not a story that could be told outside the house. Michiyo’s daughter was a university student who often worked part-time or went out with friends on weekends, so they would gather at the Honda couple’s home.

“Yuki had silently prepared a souvenir for them that day. I remember wondering if a souvenir was necessary, but feeling that I couldn’t point that out to her. Without saying a word, we both took the train to Michiyo and Kengo’s home.”


The living room of the Honda household, where they used to gather happily, looked cold. No one spoke, and the four of them sat facing each other on the sofa.

After a while, Yuki asked Michiyo, “Why?” asked Michiyo. Michiyo only said, “I’m sorry. Anyway, break up with me,” Michiyo said. Kengo said, “That’s right.” Michiyo and I finally looked at each other and nodded. “All right, I’m breaking up with you.” That’s all I could say.

The hell that ensued for these two couples. For more details on the hell that followed, see Part 2: The hell of the affair between four men and four women in the same office… The “sarewife” finally struck back.

  • Interview and text Sanae Kameyama

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