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The Adulterous Hell of Four Men and Four Women in the Same Workplace

~Sanae Kameyama Report

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first part, “A family affair”, Sanae Kameyama, a writer, reports on the hell that happened after the hell of the affair.

A couple of the same generation at the same workplace. A couple of the same generation at the same workplace, a relationship that became a family affair. Writer Sanae Kameyama’s report is a real-life story that will make you shudder.

Your wife seems to have filed a complaint with HR.

Hisato and Michio did not part so easily, and within a month their relationship was revived, which Yuki found again. The four of them got together again. Each time they said they would break up, but they still could not.

“We repeated that kind of thing four times. Then one day, I was called by my boss. He asked me, ‘What kind of relationship do you have with Michiyo Honda? I didn’t think he would have found out at work.”

He remained silent, and his boss followed up by saying, “It seems that your wife has filed a complaint with HR. Yuki had complained to the personnel department about the affair between her husband and Michio, and had demanded that they both quit their jobs.”

She harshly criticized me, her husband. At that time, there was a factional war within the organization, and I was used as a tool in that internal conflict.

Mr. Hisato was advised to resign. If he refused, he would be disciplined and would not receive severance pay. He had no choice but to resign voluntarily, and his wife divorced him. Michio also resigned, but Kengo stubbornly refused to divorce her. He was afraid that if he divorced her, he would end up with Hisato.

I couldn’t even go back to the country.

In the end, I was left all alone. My wife finally said to me, ‘Don’t underestimate me.’ I had no words to reply. After the divorce was finalized, I contacted Michiyo and asked if she would come with me back to the countryside where my parents lived, but she never responded.

However, her mother, who lived alone in the countryside, told her not to come back because of the COVID-19 crisis. He had not told his parents about the circumstances of his retirement, but Yuki had informed them of the truth before he knew it.

I wonder if the mother in the countryside said, “It’s a COVID-19 crisis,” so as not to hurt her son. He even hurt his mother. He now lives in a small wooden apartment while working part-time.

“When we contacted him to at least let us see the children, to confirm their will, Yuki was unaware of our request. I learned through the wind that my oldest son had been accepted to college. I was going to send a congratulatory message, but I couldn’t tell my children how I felt about them.”

Michiyo-san must be living under Kengo-san’s watchful eye. Once, Michiyo’s daughter contacted me and we met.

She was fascinated by demons.

‘My parents are in a cold war, neither of them speaks to each other. I told them I would leave home after I got a job. I was devastated when the daughter said, ‘Is love really that important? It was important to us at that time. I didn’t find a way to stop myself. I didn’t even want to stop. I think it was like being enchanted by a demon.’

“The passion that had been burning so brightly disappeared. One year after the divorce, he has not seen his children. Work, home, and love. The man who lost everything has no hope now,” he said, his shoulders slumped.

Sanae Kameyama: Born in Tokyo. After graduating from Meiji University with a degree in literature, she began her career as a writer. She continues to explore women’s way of life and gender relations through infidelity, love, and sex. Her books, “Men Who Suffer from Adulterous Love, Why Do People Have Adulterous Relationships?”

  • Interview and text by Sanae Kameyama Sanae Kameyama

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