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Hirose Sisters Love Life — Suzu and Alice Hirose’s Famous Boyfriends!

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A rare sister two-shot of Suzu Hirose and Alice. On this day, they visited an exhibition of a shoe brand.

Suzu Hirose has become an indispensable actress in movies and TV dramas and reports of a passionate love affair have surfaced.

According to an article published on July 1 by Bunshun Online, she is dating popular actor Kento Yamazaki. The birth of a big couple, an actress and an actor who truly represent Japan.

“I think this couple’s relationship is very good. They are beautiful.
This is one of the few good couples in recent years.”

The article states, “According to the article, the two are eloping together.”

According to the article, the two met up and went to Hirose’s new apartment. It also seems that on her birthday, June 19, they enjoyed some time together at home.

The fact that Yamazaki is driving Hirose to and from her home in the office car may indicate that they are officially approved by both production companies.

Hirose is so full of happiness that even Friday has been able to see a lot of her true nature.

The two sisters, who can be called the busiest and most beautiful sisters in Japan, were seen in the early afternoon of May 2022 in Shibuya, Tokyo, enjoying shopping with their sister, Alice Hirose, who is three years older than them and an actress.

There was an exhibition of a British shoe brand on that day. Both of them were busy, so they may have met up at the store.

They stayed for about 30 minutes. They must have enjoyed shopping together, forgetting about work for a while.

In June 2019, we saw a rare sighting of Suzu Hirose driving in Azabu Juban.

The three of them were driving to a coin-operated parking lot with her sister Alice and someone who appeared to be their mother. In the driver’s seat of a white car sat Suzu, who had only had her driver’s license for about a year at the time.

Alice and her mother were in the back seat. They were very careful when they left the parking lot, but after that, they drove very smoothly to their home.

Tthe older sister Alice is said to be dating Tadayoshi Okura of Kanjani Infinity. Since both sisters have big-name boyfriends, it would be nice to see all four of them together next time.

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