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Fortune Teller’s Prediction Influences…Background of “Diplomatic Debut” of South Korea’s New First Lady

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Kim has more than 90,000 members in her fan club (Image: The People Power Party/Lee Jae-Won/Afro)

A high-profile first lady makes her diplomatic debut.

The wife of South Korean President Yun Suk-yeol (Yun Sung-yeol, 61), Kim Gong-hee (Kim Gong-hee, 49), will attend the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit in Madrid, Spain, starting June 29. The couple will attend the NATO summit in Madrid, Spain, from June 29. President Yun is scheduled to meet with the leaders of 10 countries. Kim’s words and actions on the international stage are attracting a great deal of attention in South Korea.

Kim’s popularity is soaring,” said a fan site in December of last year. Last December, a fan site called “Gongsarang (I love you, Jianqi)” was launched. The number of members was initially about 30,000, but when Yun assumed the presidency in May of this year, the number quickly surpassed 90,000. The main reason for its popularity is its unpretentious, folksy attitude.

Even after becoming First Lady, she still takes out meals at a downtown mass market. She also casually discloses her personal life on Instagram. Her favorite pair of white sandals (approx. 3,500 yen) on Instagram became a hot topic and sold out at various stores. A search for “Kim Jian-ki” on the major Korean online shopping site “Neighbor Shopping” returns more than 2,500 hits,” said a Korean newspaper reporter.

Apology press conference in the past

During the presidential election, she was in a tight spot.

In 2007, when she applied for a position as a visiting professor at a private university, she put false information about her career on her application form. She exaggerated the number of awards she had received. Mrs. Kim was driven to the point of holding an apology press conference last December during the presidential campaign. She honestly admitted her guilt and bowed her head tearfully. ‘I have a husband who loves and respects me, but I am ……. I am ashamed of the mistakes I made in the past. Her extraordinary attitude was appreciated and became a factor in her rise in popularity.

There is a fortune teller who is attracting attention because she is making her diplomatic debut along with President Yun. He is Chung-Gon, who has been in contact with President Yun and his wife for many years. The fortune-telling that he revealed on his YouTube channel on May 31 has become such a hot topic that it was picked up by a leading newspaper, the JoongAng Ilbo.

In the video, Chong-gon predicted the following about Kim: “The role of the president’s wife is extremely important. In the video, Rev. Chung-Gon predicted about Kim: “This is a time when the role of the president’s wife is extremely important. She must not only follow the president, but also find her own job. He continued, “The first lady is the first lady of the world.

She should interact and shake hands with first ladies from all over the world. It will be of great benefit to our national interest if she keeps herself busy. The couple deeply respects their mentor. Kim’s diplomatic debut is said to have been influenced by Chong-gon’s fortune-telling,” said a South Korea-based writer.

An event for the first lady is also being prepared for the NATO summit that will be held on June 29.

  • Photo The People Power Party/Lee Jae-Won/Afro

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