Noripi, Moritaka, Kyonkyon.Big Name Female Singers Continuous to Shine Brightly! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Noripi, Moritaka, Kyonkyon.Big Name Female Singers Continuous to Shine Brightly!

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Noripi’s work is going well. She is especially popular in China, where tickets are sold out immediately.

“I am so happy to be told that they consider me a partner, not an assistant. It was like a dream come true, and I wondered if I was the right person for the job. I will do my very best to fulfill my duties.”

Singer and actress Noriko Sakai, 51, who will have a regular radio show in the Tokyo metropolitan area for the first time in 33 years, expressed her joy on FM “NACK5. NACK5”. Sakai will appear on the same broadcast of “Kensaku Morita, Seishun Mogitate Asaiban! The regular is Eriko Tamura. She has not appeared regularly since “Kira Kira Sunday: Idol Charme Land” (1988, Bunka Hoso), in which she co-starred with Eriko Tamura.

In February 1987, Ms. Sakai, who was enormously popular under the nickname “Noripi,” made her debut as a singer with “Otoko no ko ni naritai” (“I want to be a man’s girl”). Although she was an idol at the time, she was also highly acclaimed as an actress for her fine performances in dramas such as “Hoshi no Kinko” (1995, Nippon Television Network). She is also very popular in Taiwan and China.

“In May 2021, she became independent from an entertainment production company and set up her own private agency. Her first regular radio appearance in 33 years will be with Kensaku Morita, a senior member of her former company, Sun Music,” said an entertainment production official.

Sakai is not the only major female artist who debuted in the 80s and early 90s and has been gaining luster. Chisato Moritaka (53), Kyoko Koizumi (56), Rie Miyazawa (49), Shizuka Kudo (52), Yuki Saito (55), Sayuri Kunio (55), and Arisa Mizuki (45). We would like to introduce their charms as singers and mothers with these treasured photos.

Household chores even during national tours

Moritaka keeps up with the housework even during the tour.

After the noon show, something went wrong and the power went out, so the doors opened late and we managed to start the show 30 minutes late!

On June 18, Moritaka uploaded a refreshing image of herself in a white T-shirt with this post on his Instagram. She said it was an accident during his national tour “Kono Machi” in Akita, Japan.

Moritaka was in a band in high school, but his responsibilities were drums and bass instead of vocals. She was a member of the “NEW It was in May 1987 that she made his debut as a singer with “SEASON. Her mini-skirts and other cosplay moves made her a big hit, but as an artist, she is very stoic. It is said that she sometimes stays in her room for a week to think about lyrics.

She married actor Yosuke Eguchi in June 1999. She never neglects her housework. Even during her national tours, she goes to the supermarket to buy ingredients and cooks for her two children.

Perhaps it is the reason why she is such a big star that she takes care of his family even when she is so busy.

Kyoko Koizumi getting into her car in the theater parking lot after a performance.
Rie Miyazawa’s marriage to Tsuyoshi Morita is going well.
Shizuka Kudo, who is known for her ability to produce her two daughters, including Koki
Yuki Saito and a man head to an Italian restaurant after meeting up in Ebisu, Tokyo, in February 2021. They looked friendly as they looked at each other with smiles on their faces.
Kunio descends the stairs of a building after shopping. She also looks stylish in his casual clothes.
Mr. and Mrs. Mizuki walking to the parking lot after dinner. Her husband, Koji Aoyama, was playing with his phone the whole time.
  • Photographed by Takao Kawakami, Yusuke Kondo, Yasuko Sakaguchi, Sota Shima, Keisuke Nishi

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