Johnny’s WEST: Hiroki Shigeoka – 14 years of hard work! The true face of this hard worker | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s WEST: Hiroki Shigeoka – 14 years of hard work! The true face of this hard worker

Arts and Entertainment Wide: "Seven People on the Rise" (Japanese only)

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Starring in a drama, writing lyrics, and performing at a rock festival.

From the car to the location. Shigeoka is wearing a T-shirt with an illustration of a crab on his stomach, perhaps a costume for the drama.

One evening in early May, just after 4:00 pm. Walking on a street corner in Edogawa Ward is Hiroki Shigeoka (29) of “Johnny’s WEST. He was wearing a blanket of live goods, and his face showed signs of fatigue. However, his expression changed as he entered a restaurant where the filming was to take place, and he cheerfully greeted the staff with “Nice to meet you! He greeted the staff cheerfully.

Speaking of “Johnny’s WEST,” they are currently in the middle of their live tour. They performed 8 shows in 5 days until the previous day, and on this day they were filming “Snow Woman and Crab Eating” (TV Tokyo), a drama series in which they star. Two days later, he will perform again in Osaka. However, it is only recently that Shigeoka has become a big seller.

He joined the office in 2006 and is a senior member of “Sexy Zone He was not always a flamboyant girl. He was not always a flamboyant boy. She won the center position in the group through hard work. However, she was not blessed with many opportunities after that, and she was worried that the work she was responding well to was not leading to the next opportunity.

(A TV station official) Her popularity continued to decline even after her debut, and she entered her 14th year as an underachiever. However, in 1919, he was cast in NHK’s drama “Kono wa kouki de fukudenai! In the past two years, she has starred in four dramas.

In 2006, he began writing his own lyrics and leading the group on the music front as well. This has been well received, and he recently appeared in “METROCK. On the other hand, perhaps because he had a long underclass, he stands up to those around him when it comes to leading roles. I think the issue for the future is to develop a dignity as a leading role that matches her ability.

A struggling idol from the Kansai region. Will she be able to ride the tailwind that is blowing just before her thirtieth birthday?

From the June 17, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photo by Yusuke Kondo

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