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Kei Komuro’s Evaluation by Senior Lawyers Divided between “Unfriendly” and “Encouraging

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Kei Komuro is set to officially announce his marriage to Princess Mako on October 1. The mood is far from festive, but…

On the afternoon of September 27, Kei Komuro, who is scheduled to marry Mako Akishino, returned to Japan for the first time in three years and two months from New York, where he was staying. More than 300 members of the press gathered. In the midst of a somber atmosphere, Mr. Komuro walked briskly with his long hair tied up at the back and bowed to the press.

After leaving the airport, Mr. Komuro returned to his parents’ house in Kanagawa, where he will live in isolation for two weeks.

Still, it was a tremendous turnout. From the 24th, when Mr. Komuro’s recent appearance in New York was caught, to the present day, all the broadcasts were devoted to Mr. Komuro, with TBS connecting the airport to the studio and announcing that Mr. Komuro would return to Japan soon, even an hour before he left.

“That’s how much Mr. Komuro is a man with numbers. The long hair that drew so much attention wouldn’t even be a topic of conversation overseas. You could say it’s unique to Japan.” (TV station insider)

Mr. Komuro graduated from Fordham University Law School in May and took the New York State Bar Exam. The results of the examination were announced around December, but he started looking for a job in anticipation of passing the examination and was accepted by a major law firm. The average annual salary for the first year at a major law firm is said to be 18 million yen, but this firm offered 22.5 million yen, which was quite a good deal. This would be enough to live a normal life in New York, where the cost of living is very high.

One is Hiroshi Kiyohara, an international lawyer who is frequently seen on information programs.

One of them is Hiroshi Kiyohara, an international lawyer who is frequently seen on information TV programs. On “Viking More” (Fuji TV), he mentioned that Komuro “ignored” questions from the press when he showed up at the airport in New York.

“When asked by MC Shinobu Sakagami, “What would happen if you were in Mr. Kiyohara’s position?

When asked by Shinobu Sakagami

“When asked by MC Shinobu Sakagami, “How would you feel in Kiyohara-san’s position?

I thought it was a little unpleasant. He continued.

I felt a little uncomfortable,” he continued, “Unlike ordinary passengers, I had to enter a special entrance for officials. That means that Japan has already started from the moment you arrive at the airport. There are many reporters waiting for you.

In such situations, you should say something like, “Good work,” and at least say, “I’m going back to Japan. I don’t think it’s very nice to just bark, in my opinion.

In my opinion, it’s not very nice,” he said critically.

After passing the bar exam, Mr. Kiyohara moved to San Francisco in 2000. After graduating from Golden Gate University School of Law with a master’s degree in law, he took and passed the New York State Bar Exam in 2003, the same year as Mr. Komuro.

He then returned to Japan in 2007 and now runs a law firm and appears on information programs. However, Mr. Kiyohara’s criticism of Ms. Komuro was very personal, and there were comments on the Internet such as “Well said! However, Mr. Kiyohara’s criticism of Ms. Komuro was very personal, and on the Internet, some people said, “Well said!” while others said, “That’s not what a lawyer would say,” or “Too much.

“I think it’s important to note that Mr. Kiyohara has always had a harsh view of Ms. Komuro. As a senior member of the judiciary, he may feel uncomfortable with the way Mr. Komuro has made the most of the fact that he is the fiancée of Princess Mako.

On the other hand, what about former Osaka Governor Toru Hashimoto, also a “senior” lawyer, who on the 27th broadcast of Fuji TV’s “It! When asked about Komuro’s return to Japan, Hashimoto said

When asked about Komuro’s return to Japan, Hashimoto said, “I think it’s enough. I think it’s enough. You’ve carried your love this far. He overcame many difficulties, overcame them, and overcame them. Moreover, she will not receive a lump-sum tax payment. You’ve gone that far to live in New York. If she’s willing to go that far, I think we should support her, not criticize her.

He sent his support. Mako and Komuro are scheduled to hold a press conference soon.

Hashimoto said, “Please don’t ask them any more unnecessary questions. Don’t ask them any more questions, even the interviewers. It’s already clear that there are no legal problems with the money, isn’t it? Isn’t it better to encourage the two of you to make things work out somehow?

He appealed. The sports journalist mentioned above said

A reporter from a sports newspaper commented, “On the Internet, people are starting to react from bashing to saying, ‘If you love her that much…. It seems to be a typical move by Mr. Hashimoto.

He is a cool and objective person. Even lawyers, who are required to be cool and objective in their assessment of the current situation, are passionate about Mr. Komuro. There is no doubt that his every move has become a matter of national concern.

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