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Riho Yoshioka “Dongitsune CM, official removed”, fans puzzled…!

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As we enter June, the turn of the year 2022 is in sight, and after the Winter Olympics were held in Beijing, China in February, Russia invaded Ukraine, plunging the world into turmoil.

The conflict and the U.S. interest rate hike have caused the yen to depreciate sharply in Japan, driving up prices, especially for electricity, etc. The consumer price index rose 2.1% y/y in April, reaching the Bank of Japan’s price target level, but prices other than raw materials rose little and the cleanup of the very stubborn deflationary trend is not yet complete. The cleanup is far from over.

Many readers must be feeling tired in the midst of all this. Instead of “I can’t wait for summer vacation,” some of them may be wishing “I can’t wait for the end of the year so I can relax.” ……

Speaking of the end of the year, there is a Donbei commercial featuring “Dongitsune,” played by actress Riho Yoshioka. Riho Yoshioka is the character in the commercial, who is so cute that she wears fluffy fox ears and a tail, and she and actor Gen Hoshino have been soothing fans by having a heartwarming conversation around the table.

Can’t believe we won’t see that look again…! (AFLO)

Yoshioka himself seems to have a strong attachment to this dongitsune, saying in the past, “I always do it thinking, ‘I’m not a human being. I’ve been doing a certain fox for a long time, and I’m very particular about it, but I never show human ears. I always discuss this with the makeup artist.

The commercial has become so much a part of the winter season that some people say, “I can’t go through the New Year without seeing this commercial,” but in fact, there is something unusual going on. To the surprise of many, the “Dongitsune” series commercials have been removed from the Nissin Foods Group’s official YouTube channel and official website. Fans are puzzled by this.

In fact, in February of this year, Nissin Foods released a commercial titled “Sayonara, Dongitsune Arc. According to a report by NEWS POST SEVEN, the deletion of the series of videos was due to the expiration of the contract. It is a relief that the end of the relationship was amicable.

Fans may be relieved that there was no trouble, but it is still sad that they can no longer see those commercials. Mr. Nissin, can’t you do something about it? ……!

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