New mother-in-law’s white skeletal remains…Alleged “brainwashing of horror” by woman living with 5-year-old abandoned child. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

New mother-in-law’s white skeletal remains…Alleged “brainwashing of horror” by woman living with 5-year-old abandoned child.

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The re-arrested Ishii suspect. Was he brainwashing his roommate?

A new body was found under the floor.

On June 6, the Saitama Prefectural Police re-arrested a mother, Chika Kakimoto, 30, and an unemployed suspect, Yoko Ishii, 54, for assaulting Ayumu Kakimoto, then 5, by slapping her face and hanging her upside down by both legs. In January of this year, the two suspects, together with Hiroki Niwa, 34, who is in a common-law relationship with Ishii, threw Ayumu onto a tatami mat and abused her. They were also arrested in March for burying Ayumu’s body under the floor of a private house in Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture, where they lived together.

The prefectural police announced not only the re-arrest of the two suspects. A horrifying fact was also revealed.

During an on-site inspection, they found the skeletonized body of an elderly woman under the floor. DNA analysis revealed that she was probably Ishii’s mother-in-law.

According to neighbors, the mother-in-law seemed to have been abused by Ishii. She said, “He’s going to kill me! I’m going to be locked in a closet! She was often seen running away barefoot, screaming, “I’m going to be killed! The residents even called the police to report the unusual behavior of the Ishii suspects as they searched for her on their bicycles, but the suspects said, “My grandmother has dementia and tries not to wander around. They said they had not seen their mother-in-law for five or six years,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

Filming the scolding with a smartphone

Ishii has been married and divorced repeatedly since she was 19 years old. Her mother-in-law is said to be her ex-husband’s mother.

The suspect Ishii has been mysteriously attracting people to her. The suspect Kakimoto and Ayumu came to a private house in Honjo City in January 2009. After separating from her husband, the Kakimoto suspects took shelter at a friend’s house in the neighborhood, but things did not work out and they ended up at the Ishii suspects’ house. Immediately afterwards, they began abusing Ayumu by hitting the rainwater tank in which she was locked up and confining her in a cat cage.

It seems that the four of them often visited a nearby restaurant. The dining scene was bizarre. The suspect Niwa was lecturing Ayumu for an hour or two. They ate by themselves without giving Ayumu anything. The Ishii suspect continued to eat in silence, while the Kakimoto suspect sometimes took pictures of Ayumu being scolded with his smartphone.

Police investigations and other inquiries have raised suspicions of brainwashing by the Ishii suspect.

He would listen intently to people in trouble and gain their trust. Then he tells them how wealthy and blessed he is and how he can make them happy, and manipulates them to do what he wants. Some of them have even been asked for large sums of money. There are people around the suspect, besides Ayumu and her mother-in-law, who have gone missing,” said the police.

The police are digging up private houses and investigating to see if there are any more victims.

  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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