Satomi Ishihara, Mei Nagano, You Yoshida… Popular actresses “sitting and relaxing | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Satomi Ishihara, Mei Nagano, You Yoshida… Popular actresses “sitting and relaxing

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An embrace on a bench that can only be a lover’s embrace

Tsuyoshi Ayano gently embraces Satomi Ishihara on a bench. Taken in April this year.

Satomi Ishihara (34) and Tsuyoshi Ayano (39) were seen at an amusement park before the park opened. They were filming for the drama “Koi wa Deep ni” (Nippon Television Network), which started airing in April this year.

“It’s a romantic comedy about the love between an oceanographer played by Ishihara and a sergeant played by Ayano, and there are many close scenes. Ayano said, “Satomi smells good, like a baby! Ayano said, “Satomi smells good, like a baby!” (TV station insider)

On this particular day, they were filming her enjoying the buffet attraction with gusto. During their free time, Ishihara invited Ayano to go to the crane game corner. They must have been having a lot of fun, because a few minutes later, they returned to the scene laughing hysterically.

A few days later in the morning. This time, I witnessed the shooting in a park near Shinagawa Station in Tokyo. It was a serious-looking scene …… with Ishihara shedding tears as they talked on a bench, but when the cut was made, both of them immediately looked peaceful. But when the camera cuts to the scene, both of them look peaceful. The fact that they look like real lovers is probably a result of their acting skills.

Celebrities can look good in any situation. It’s the same when they are just sitting. Even when they are relaxed, they cannot hide their powerful aura. I hope you can feel the overwhelming atmosphere of celebrities.

Short hair for a drastic change in image

I was used to seeing her with long hair, so it was refreshing to see her with a gay head! Can she play the role of a low-conscious policewoman in a comical way? Taken in June this year

A holiday in June this year. On a holiday in June this year, a man and a woman were standing still on the stairs in front of the station square in Kanagawa Prefecture. They are Meika Nagano (21) with her fresh “okappa head” and Shohei Miura with his shaggy hair.

Miura has wireless earphones in his ears, and is looking at the couple at the bottom of the stairs while communicating with someone. And right behind Miura, Nagano follows his target with his eyes. When the couple eventually leaves the square, Nagano and the others run out of the stairs and hurry after them.

“As the couple leaves the plaza, Nagano and his friends run out of the stairs and hurry after them. Police Box Girls” (Nippon Television Network Corporation). It’s called “Police Box Entertainment” and stars Nagano and Erika Toda as police officers who work at a police box. Mr. Nagano cut his hair for the drama. The plaza at the location was packed with people jostling for a glimpse of Ms. Nagano,” said a drama staff member.

During the waiting time, Ms. Nagano held her hands up to her chest and cupped her waist. Even while waiting, Nagano raised her hands to her chest and swiveled her hips to get ready for the performance. When the shooting was over, the staff gave her a parasol and she moved to a rest area with chairs. After putting on a face shield, she sat down and finally seemed to relax her expression.

A parent and child in Shibuya

During a break in filming, Shizuka Kudo and Koki were sitting on a bench talking, with Koki wearing a knit cap and a down coat to protect her from the cold.

November 2008. In November 2008, a large crowd of people gathered at Shibuya Stream, a redeveloped complex on the south side of Shibuya Station in Tokyo. Surrounded by many foreigners who looked like staff members was Kōki, 18, a model and the second daughter of Takuya Kimura, 48, and Shizuka Kudo, 51.

There were two phone booths set up in the middle of the street with “COACH” written on the top, and judging from her outfit and the items she was wearing, it was probably a spring shoot. It was a repetitive process of taking a few shots and then immediately the staff came to hang her coat on her …….” (A passerby)

I saw a familiar face in the circle of staff. It was her mother, Shizuka Kudo.

Sitting comfortably on a chair with a parasol, Kudo watches her daughter being photographed. She occasionally fiddled with her phone or talked about motorcycles with the staff, but she never took her attention away from Kōki. During a break, Kudo and Kōki were alone on a bench. When Kudo whispered something to Kōki, they looked at each other and burst out laughing, as if it was very funny. An overwhelming aura was conveyed from the father and son.

Hair up in a turban

Yumi Yoshida waiting for the photo shoot. Even in the cold, her radiant smile brightened up the atmosphere on the set. Shooting in January this year

January of this year. It was early morning in Tsukiji, Tokyo, and the air was cold, clear, and crisp. While many people were taking their morning walk or commuting to work, there were many people gathered along the Sumida River. It seemed to be a location shooting.

There were about ten extras waiting in a line along the river. Each of them was a runner or a dog, perfect for morning activities. The actress, Yoshida Yoh (age undisclosed), appeared in front of them.

She wore her hair in an updo with a turban, and even from a distance you could see her cheerful expression. She greeted each of the extras waiting in a horizontal line in front of her, saying, “I look forward to working with you! I was impressed by the way she greeted each of the extras waiting in line in front of her.

I was filming for the TV Tokyo drama series “Living, Dying, and Fathers,” which started in April. It is a real story based on the original work of Jane Soo, who is active in various fields such as music producer, columnist, radio personality, etc. and is called the “charisma of singles. The main character of the original story is modeled after Jane Soo. The main character of the original story was modeled on Jane Su, and she was played by Mr. Yoshida.

While the film crew was busy on the set, Yoshida was sitting on a chair, wearing a down jacket to keep warm. He seemed to be relaxed as he talked and laughed with the female staff.

“I was impressed to see him rubbing his hands together from time to time because of the low temperature and the riverside location. I guess his hands were getting cold. When she changed from her winter shoes to sneakers before the shoot, she seemed to have a hard time tying the laces. I had to ask the staff to help me. It started raining right after the start of the shooting, but they were still having fun the whole time and the atmosphere was very nice.

Just sitting there, he has an overwhelming presence. That’s a great actor and a great actress. Even when she relaxes, she looks like a picture.

In July 2008, Michipa was taking photos for Instagram at NHK.
Ryoko Hirosue drinking Shaoxing wine at a popular Chinese restaurant in Setagaya, Tokyo, in February 2006.
In April 2007, Tamao Akae and Daikichi Hakata went to lunch at an upscale Italian restaurant in Minato Ward, Tokyo. They took a walk to a nearby park and sat on the grass under a cherry blossom tree.
February of this year. In February of this year, Ken Watabe was reading a business book in the café corner of a bookstore in Tokyo, perhaps to help him in his return to television.
Kenji Ozawa at his favorite café in Hiroo, Tokyo. His aura has not changed even though he is over 50.
  • Photographed by Yuri Adachi, Takao Kawakami, Yusuke Kondo, Sota Shima, Ippei Hara, Saki Hotta

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