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Shocking News of Massive Outbreak of Kyon Reported on TV

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Kyon lurks in a private house in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture
We have no choice but to do that thing(Fuji Television), the follow-up program to “Viking More,” which began in April, is struggling with low viewer ratings.

With the growing number of young people who are turning away from television and who do not even own a television set, it is extremely difficult to get good numbers. Dramas can earn money through subscriptions and missed viewings, but this is not the case for information programs, which are basically consumed by the viewers. Even so, there are some ironclad stories in information programs that are sure to get numbers if they are done right.

Before Corona, these were “all-you-can-eat,” “bus tours full of souvenirs,” and “luxury cruise ships,” but these days when the number of infected people is not decreasing, location shooting itself is quite difficult.

However, there is one ironclad story that continues to earn numbers even before and after the corona outbreak. It is a “mass outbreak” of animals.

The original of these is the wasp, followed by raccoons, bears, the civet, the starling, the peacock, and so on.

The latest trend is the “kyon,” which this magazine also featured in its December 27, 2019 issue.

The other day, a fledgling AD came up with a story about a kyon, but the chief director tried to reject it, saying, Kyon is a minor animal, no good. But then the most senior producer said, ‘Kyon has the numbers, so we really want to do it. So, with a single word from the director, we decided to do it.

“Kyon” is a species of deer, a member of the deer family, which is a specified invasive alien species. The number of kyons in Chiba Prefecture has increased from about 9,000 in 2006 to over 50,000 by 2020, and it is said that there are now “more kyons than humans.” They are a nuisance that can be seen from their cute faces, emitting a hideous “gaaaah” sound that is hard to imagine, destroying farm products, and stopping trains by trespassing on the tracks.

He owns the unpopular road
Why does such a kyon have the numbers?When I asked the director, he gave me this answer. 

Kyon has origin and end.

What do you mean by “Kyon has an origin and an end”?

Let’s look at them one by one.

First, there is the “upshot,” which is “to draw viewers in by asking local people where they have seen the annoying animal Kyon and what kind of damage it has caused, and then conducting a big search” (director of a commercial TV station).

The staff actually finds Kyon at the scene. “Then Kyon makes a cry, a loud cry that has never been heard before,” says the director of a commercial TV station. It’s quite an impactful image. This is what is known in TV industry jargon as a “strong picture,” and it keeps the viewer from changing the channel.

In “Tensei,” the author also delves into the background of why kyons have been appearing in large numbers. Kyons are said to have escaped from a zoo in Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture, more than 20 years ago and have become wild. The “conclusion” awaits us when we learn that there were selfish human circumstances behind the mass outbreak.

One of the solutions is to “eat the kyon deliciously. Incidentally, Kyon meat has no odor and is very tender, so it is said to be excellent when made into kyonkatsu, not pork cutlets.

Kyon meat. Sashimi is also said to be delicious.The secret of the show’s high viewer ratings is that it is a “mass production,” but it ends with a gourmet element, and before you know it, the show has come to an end.

Kyon is now said to be continuing to breed as it moves from Chiba to Tokyo. The TV crew is also watching the situation with a warlike Kyon-Kyon? 

  • Interview and text Aida Pudding

    Broadcaster who has been drifting in the world of TV and radio for more than 15 years.

  • Photographed by Shun Kirishima

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