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Maggy, Moemi Kushiro, Kengo Kora… Two hot shots of popular celebrities!

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Maggie and a garment worker

On the street, in the park, in the car, …… this magazine has witnessed many couples who cannot control their feelings even in the presence of the public.

In recent years, when people have been forced to refrain from going out due to the Corona scare, there has been a sharp increase in the number of couples staying at home and going on dates where they take a short walk around the neighborhood.

Anna Tsumugi Mitani, handsome office worker, Telemundo, June 25, 2009

In the midst of all this, Tsumugi Mitani (27), a popular announcer for TV Asahi, has shown us a love affair that makes us feel embarrassed to watch. On another date, on a road trip, they repeatedly kissed each other every time they stopped at a traffic light.

“Announcer Mitani, 27, who had said publicly that she had no boyfriend, was actually in love with a handsome company employee. In Tsukiji, she “oohs and aahs” over her boyfriend’s mouth with an omelet. After that, as soon as they got back in the car, they kissed passionately, and it was so handsome that it was embarrassing.
Anna Tsumugi Mitani, handsome office worker, Telemundo

Ikuhiro Kiyota (35), who was released from his contract with Chiba Lotte after this magazine reported, was also hot. After the game, he stopped by his lover’s apartment and went out hand in hand. The sight of them walking face to face with each other as if they were about to kiss was a big turnoff for Lotte fans.

Before the Corona disaster, it was even worse. The moments of infidelity between Mona Yamamoto and Goshi Hosono, and Saki Takaoka and Torayasu Nunobukuro are now legendary, and in February of 2012, I also captured the young actress Riisa Naka (31). At the time, she was in love with actor Tadanobu Asano, who was 16 years older than her, and she took time out from her work to visit him while he was filming a movie in Osaka. They hugged and kissed repeatedly at crowded intersections and train stations.

Even for today’s celebrities, love is blind.

Let’s take a look at all the “hot love shots” that will blow away the depressing mood of the Corona disaster!

Maggie Handsome Apparel Worker October 4, 2007 issue

Maggie handsome apparel worker
Maggie handsome apparel worker

Maggie (27 at the time), a woman in love, was with a man in the apparel industry who looked like Toshinobu Kubota. They embraced for five minutes in a park in Tokyo, talked for about three hours, and finally left at four in the morning.

Former Chiba Lotte Marines, Ikuhiro Kiyota, handsome former model, June 4, ’21

Former Chiba Lotte Marines Ikuhiro Kiyota♡Former model

In January, a report in this magazine uncovered his affair, and as soon as his house arrest was lifted in May, he was found to be having an affair with another partner. Kiyota (35) received a flood of criticism for his infidelity, which betrayed his fans, and his contract was cancelled by Lotte after the report.

Fuji Momi Hisashiro ♡ Kita no Uchiha tachi Harukun ’21 April 23 issue

Fuji Momi Hisashiro ♡ Kita no Uchi-sha tachi Harukun

Hisayo, 31, announced her marriage to a popular YouTube star in January. They went out from the luxury condo they bought, worth about 150 million yen, under a shared umbrella in a storm.

Kengo Kora ♡ Yuna Kuroshima ’20, July 3, 2008

Kengo Kora ♡ Yuna Kuroshima

Kora (32 at the time) and Kuroshima (23 at the time) frequently go back and forth to each other’s houses, which are just a stone’s throw away from each other. In the midst of the Corona disaster, they were quietly making love.

Comme I ♡ Irish boyfriend, Aug. 10, ’18

Comme Ai ♡ Irish boyfriend

Comme Ai (26 at the time) came out of her apartment in Tokyo with an artist seven years her senior. When she finished throwing away the trash, her boyfriend squeezed her from behind. When interviewed by this magazine, Komuai proudly declared their relationship.

Each era has its own passionate love story. I wonder which celebrity will make the times hotter this time with their passionate love.

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