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Arashii’s Kazuya Ninomiya’s “Janino Channel” Members to Host 24 Hour TV!

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Kazuya Ninomiya was chosen to host “24 Hour TV. It is an unusual combination for a non-group.It is an unusual selection.Four members of the YouTube channel “Janino-channel” led by Kazuya Ninomiya of Arashi have been chosen as the main personalities for NTV’s “24 Hour TV 45” scheduled to air this summer. The announcement was made during the station’s “130 Million People’s Show Channel” broadcast on April 23.


Last year, the popular group “King & Prince” was selected for the first time. Prince are chosen for the first time last year, the main personalities of 24 Hour TV have been the “sanctuary” of the Johnny’s Office. This year, in light of the selection of “King & Prince” last year, some fans are expecting “Snow Man” “and” SixTONES” to be the main personalities of 24 Hour TV. SixTONES” are expected to be selected as “Snow Stories”. However, the results were not what they had expected.

However, when the lead was opened, “Janino-channel” was cast, transcending the framework of the Johnny’s groups. The YouTube channel was launched last April, and in addition to Ninomiya, its members include KAT-TUN’s Yuichi Nakamaru, Hey! SAY! JUMP’s Ryosuke Yamada, and Kazuma Kikuchi of Sexy Zone. They are not building a flashy set, nor are they planning an expensive project.

The four members who are good friends get together around a kotatsu, and sometimes end up talking goofily, establishing a position that is different from other YouTube channels.

What is surprising is the number of subscribers to the channel. The number of subscribers has been rising steadily, from 3.16 million at the beginning of this month to 3.22 million on the 23rd of this month, when he was chosen as the personality for the 24 -hour TV program. A mid-level executive at a YouTube agency said.

“The Japanese are amazing. It’s amazing that the number of subscribers exceeded 3 million within a year of opening the account, but it continues to grow. There is usually a barrier at 2 million subscribers, but he easily broke through that barrier too.”

“If he is chosen as a personality for 24-hour TV, he will attract the attention of people who do not usually watch videos. The number of viewers may exceed 4 million all at once.”


Currently, Arashi has the largest number of subscribers among the Johnny’s YouTube channels, with 3.25 million (as of January 26). It is only a matter of time before “Janino-channel” overtakes it, and it is likely that the channel will eventually take the title of No.1 YouTube channel for the Johnny’s.

“I never thought that Arashi member Ninomiya would surpass Arashi’s main channel…. Fans may think it is complicated, but many are more likely to be convinced. Originally, among the Arashi members, Ninomiya-san was an indoor person and had a great affinity with YouTube.”

“In his dressing room, he is immersed in smartphone games and is said to be automatically connected to the Wi-Fi of all TV stations (laughs). In addition, the members of “Janino-channel” are all popular people who play central roles in their respective groups. It is possible that Mr. Ninomiya will be appointed as a YouTube advisor for the entire Johnny’s group in the future.

NTV has also taken notice of the momentum of “Janino-channel,” and has high expectations for the interaction of TV to YouTube and YouTube to TV.

The days of “YouTube being the enemy of TV” are long gone. In fact, by linking them well, synergies can be generated many times over. Naturally, “Janino- Channel” will feature behind-the-scenes footage, never- before-seen scenes, special projects, and other various gimmicks. NTV is also planning to seriously aim for the highest viewer rating of all time,” said a TV station official.

The highest average rating in the history of 24-Hour TV was 19.0% in 2005, when former SMAP members Shingo Katori and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi were the personalities of the show. Will the “Ninomiya Family” be able to carve its name on a page of history?

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