Mensuke Nitta’s “Garcy CH” Commemorative Reveal Draws Attention “The Next Move”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mensuke Nitta’s “Garcy CH” Commemorative Reveal Draws Attention “The Next Move”.

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Tasuku Serious who was discussed in the revealing YouTube “Gershey CH. Will we hear any more rebuttals from his own mouth or those involved…?

To commemorate the one millionth subscriber to his YouTube channel, “Gershi-ch,” Mr. Yoshikazu Azumaya, an exposé-style YouTube personality, launched a Gershi-style “celebratory gun.

He has attracted attention for his numerous revelations about Yu Shirota, Tsuyoshi Ayano, Shota Shimizu, and others, but this time, the target of his “celebration” is Serious Tasuku Nitta.

Gershey announced that he would talk about his personal and professional life in two parts, and that the first part would be about work-related topics.

He said, “Mr. Azumaya introduced many talents to advertising-related jobs. I heard that Tasuku was not satisfied with the salary at his office at the time, so he was doing that work, too.

Mr. Azumaya revealed that Tasuku did not like to overtly introduce products, and would only casually show products in his photos, so he often received complaints from clients….

He even revealed that he often received complaints from clients because he would only take pictures of products that he didn’t want to introduce. In fact, not only Mr. Masasuke, but many other celebrities are still introducing products without labeling them as “#PR. Even Fuji Television announcers have been suspected of using “stoma” as a way of earning money. According to Mr. Azumaya, someone in Tasuku’s class can earn about 1 million yen if he introduces a product in some form, even on Instagram Stories (which are only displayed for 24 hours).

Tasuku Serious was exposed as an unexpected “penny-pincher. What is of interest is that it was described as a “two-part event. There is a possibility that further stories will be revealed in the future, and as expected, if they think it is not good to remain silent or if something is not true, there is a possibility that they will refute the story in some way in the future. Their “next move” is sure to attract a lot of attention.

Now, this is just a general comment, but as Gershwin’s “revelations” continue, there is a possibility that in the future, when personalities and celebrities are exposed for their “money problems” on the same channel, depending on the amount of money and the case, it could develop into a very serious problem.

If a “money problem” regarding a celebrity is discovered, it may be reported on this channel,” he said. If that happens, depending on the case The tax office might even act. If this were to lead to an exposure, the celebrity could suffer a blow on a different order of magnitude than the women’s issue. Those who have even the slightest idea of what is going on may be horrified.

GARCY CH” continues to cause upheaval, but there may be a possibility that not only the entertainment industry but also national organizations will take notice of it in the future…?

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