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Popular Youtuber Hikaru Escaped GaaSyy-ch Scandal with Dating Rumor

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Hikaru, a YouTube star, was reportedly having a love affair with former Nogizaka member Sayuri Matsumura. It seems to be the best timing, as he has just apologized for his fake video …

It was a vivid report of a passionate love affair-.

On March 23, the news site NEWS POST SEVEN reported on the relationship between popular YouTube star Hikaru and former Nogizaka 46 and actress Sayuri Matsumura, with Matsumura wearing full protective gear. The report caught him carrying a large amount of luggage and going to Hikaru’s home ..

Hikaru then updated his YouTube channel on the same day and mentioned the reports of his love affair with Matsumura.

I want to talk about it as much as I can. I don’t want to mention too much about the other person, so I will only talk about myself. It is a fact that I like the other person, and I am serious about it.

and virtually admitted to being in a relationship. He continued

This is the first time in my life that a scandal, in this way, has come out. To be honest, I feel strange. I think my bad image is amazing. People who know me well might say,’Congratulations,’ but I think there are people who don’t know me well who might say,’Well …. I hope to change that image by my actions and words.

He said seriously. On the other hand

I don’t intend to change my style too much. I will remain the same as ever as Hikaru, and I have no intention of suddenly changing what I have been doing.

He is very clear about this. In the latter half of the video

For now, I’ll just say … (Matsumura) is cute to death. “

The “I’m not a good person,” he said, flippantly.

After the news broke on the Internet, other speculations were heard in the industry.

Hikaru is the one who broke the “seal” of “Gurshi,” or Yoshikazu Azumaya, aka “Gurshi,” an exposé-style YouTube star. When Hikaru exposed the real name of Higashitani, who was accused of “scamming people into meeting BTS,” in a video, Higashitani was furious. He says he has lost credibility in the industry and has been cut off from his family. He says he has “nothing to lose” and is invincible, revealing the secret faces of celebrities he has interacted with, including Yu Shirota and Tsuyoshi Ayano.

Higashitani’s YouTube channel, including its sub-channels, now has more than one million subscribers. Some of his videos have received more than 2 million views, making him a presence that even entertainment production companies cannot ignore.

Some of the exposed celebrities, notably Yu Shirota, have had their work interfered with. Some of them, such as Masaru Shirota, have had their work interfered with. Many people think that Hikaru himself was forced to apologize after it was revealed that his ” rip-off bar “story was a hoax.

Even Hikaru, who always maintains a calm demeanor, seemed to be flustered and privately apologized to Azumaya, but even that was exposed. During a recent live broadcast, Hikaru confessed that three of his collaboration videos with celebrities had been canceled due to the “Garcy Cannon. At the beginning of the year, he had announced his goal of entering the TV market this year, but he indicated a change of direction, saying, “I’ll do my best on YouTube.

After the Gershey incident, some organizers said, “We can’t use Hikaru because he’s too scary. There is also a look from the entertainment intervention that have been affected. Hikaru himself is acting cool, but in reality he must have endured a lot ..

In the midst of this “negative trend,” the report of his relationship with Matsumura popped up. The timing of the news was so good that it was even called a “repellent” for Gyasi’s gun, but according to a source close to Hikaru, the following is a summary of the news

They are truly in love, and I’m sure the subject of marriage will come out of his mouth before long.

He said, “I am very happy to be able to do this. Although his TV career has been put on hold for now, there is no doubt that his activities as a YouTuber have broadened even further. This is a clever tactic in this area. ..

He has often used the phrase “win-win,” and this is a perfect example of that.

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