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Putin is here…? Anti-Establishment Reveals “Too Bad Hidden Palace

Putin watcher/military journalist Fumitaro Kuroi reports

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Putin Palace “video released on YouTube and played around the world

<The situation in Ukraine is intensifying day by day. The situation in Ukraine is becoming more and more intense every day. It is said that “Putin’s Palace,” which was exposed by dissidents, may be one of the potential evacuation sites during the war . Mr. Fumitaro Kuroi looks back on the grand scale and the inside of the building.>

President Vladimir Putin’s “palace” revealed by drone photography. The 1-hour 52-minute “epic” has been viewed 86 million times around the world.

Alexei Nawarinuy, a Russian dissident activist who was nearly poisoned by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) in August 2020 and treated in Germany. On January 17 of the following year, he boldly returned to his native Russia. He was immediately arrested at the airport upon arrival.

In response, demonstrations calling for his release were held in various parts of Russia on January 23. The demonstrations took place in more than 100 cities, and the authorities of the Putin regime declared them “unauthorized and illegal rallies” and suppressed them. Although the authorities had arrested pro-Nawarinui activists in advance of the rallies and deployed police forces throughout the country on the day of the demonstrations, people still took to the streets in sub-zero temperatures and shouted their support for Nawarinui.

A “mansion” larger than the inside of the Yamanote Line was discovered.

The anti-Putin protests gained so much momentum at this time partly because of the impact of Nawarinui’s group’s revelation on January 19, 2021, of President Putin’s “secret palace” in the Black Sea resort area.

The mansion, with a total cost of 140 billion yen, covers 7,800 hectares, an area larger than the inside of the Yamanote Line, and includes an indoor skating rink, a casino, and a theater. It was also introduced that a single brush for washing toilets costs about 90,000 yen.

It’s a grand palace, but of course the source of the funds is problematic. The money is supposed to have come from Putin’s close associates and their relatives, but in essence, the money was illicitly accumulated by taking advantage of his position as president.

Putin’s regime is a highly dictatorial one that suppresses opposition, but its foundation is not a dictatorship or authoritarian system but a democratic electoral system. Although the Putin regime has also obstructed Nawariny’s bid for the presidency, both the president and lawmakers are elected by universal suffrage. . Not a few Russian citizens have supported President Putin.

The former KGB Dresden office in Germany, where Putin worked during the Cold War. In 2018, when Kuroi interviewed him, it had been turned into an office of a medical company. Photo by Fumitaro Kuroi

Thorough control of press and online information

As soon as he assumed the presidency, Vladimir Putin immediately began working with his colleagues in the intelligence community to oust the nascent conglomerates. The first target was Vladimir Gushinsky, the so-called media magnate, who was arrested in June 2000. Vladimir Putin’s regime Since then, it has controlled the domestic press. Media employees and managers critical of the Putin regime were fired, and independent media journalists were sometimes assassinated and sometimes died under suspicious circumstances. ..

Boris Berezovsky, the largest conglomerate of the Yeltsin era, fled the country in November 2000 and later defective to the United Kingdom, where he died. suspiciously in 2013.

In many cases, these expulsions of emerging conglomerates were actually just the transfer of interests to Putin’s inner circle, but such events were rarely reported in the country.

In March 2019, Putin’s regime has been “brainwashing” the public with populist policies and guiding public opinion through information control. They even passed a law.

This is the authorities to efficiently eliminate information that is unfavorable to Putin’s regime by declaring that it is fake. Criticism and condemnation of Putin’s presidency could also be suppressed as disrespectful to the state. This is the perfection of complete control.

Putin has used these methods to cultivate loyalty to the president, and has acted as the de facto “führer” with full authority over the country. However, last year’s demonstrations and the unveiling of the hidden palace revealed that the president was using his power to line his own pockets and oppress the people of Russia without just cause.

Putin did not invade Ukraine to boost his approval ratings. If Putin wants to rule by force to any extent, there is no denying the possibility that he will tamper with the democratic system itself in the future. In other words, more politics of fear.

<Kuroi Buntaro: Born in 1963. Military journalist. Based in Moscow, New York, and Cairo, he has covered many conflict zones. During the Gorbachev-Yeltsin period, he lived in Moscow and covered the conflict for a long period of time. Author of numerous books on military and intelligence-related topics. His latest book, ” Reading and understanding with super geopolitics! The World Situation in Turmoil: A Taboo Atlas Book” (Takarajima-sha)

This article is a reorganized version of “Scoop: Russia’s Fraying Edge of Oppression Exposed by Anti-Putin Palace Demonstrations,” which was originally published on January 26, 2021.

The “Secret Palace” Exposed on YouTube
The “Secret Palace” exposed on YouTube
The “Secret Palace” exposed on YouTube
The “Palace of Secrets” exposed on YouTube
The “Palace of Secrets” exposed on YouTube
The “Palace of Secrets” exposed on YouTube
The “Palace of Secrets” exposed on YouTube
The “Palace of Secrets” exposed on YouTube
The “Palace of Secrets” exposed on YouTube
The “Secret Palace” exposed on YouTube
  • Interview and text Buntaro Kuroi

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