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The zoo’s public relations department marvels at the “panda feeding scene” that was filmed in one day

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A rare feeding scene between a sleepy mother panda, Yoshihama (left), and a baby panda, Kaehama (right) (photo by Koichi Kikuchi)

“Feeding scenes are rare and hard to capture. You have it! There are people who come to take pictures, but leave without getting the picture they wanted.

This is what Ms. Minatsu Matsumoto, from the Public Relations Section of Adventure World, a theme park in Shirahama Town, Wakayama Prefecture, told me during our photo shoot.

I visited the park in May this year to cover the project “Adventure World’s first ever panda birth by Japanese staff alone. On that day, I was able to capture on camera scenes of the giant panda, Fu-hama, who was born on November 22 last year, nursing, playing with her parents, chewing bamboo in imitation of her mother, Lau-hama, and her father, Eimei, eating boldly and walking bravely.

However, I later learned that filming the feeding scene itself was not an easy task at the time. Honami Hasegawa, who works in the same Public Relations Section as Ms. Matsumoto, told us, “At that time, we had to do it ourselves.

“We didn’t come across many breastfeeding scenes during this period. During the first six months of the baby’s life when we filmed her, the feeding time was unstable, sometimes during the day, sometimes at night. Now they spend the night separately from their parents and meet in the morning to nurse, so as long as the public relations staff and journalists are able to film before the park opens, I think they will be able to capture the feeding scenes.

The park uses social networking services to broadcast the daily lives of its animals, and the daily posts featuring Kaehama in particular are very popular.

Several members of the public relations department are in charge of photographing the animals on a daily basis, using professional equipment. The photos are taken for 30 minutes to several hours, and are carefully selected from among hundreds of photos. They also take pictures for news reports, program materials, and posters. The creativity of these photos and videos is as good as that of a professional.

“The much talked about photo that was released at the “Kaede Hama Name Announcement. The concept is “The connection of life. The first step. This is one of Hasegawa’s favorite photos, which she took in a short period of time so that Kaehama, who had just started walking, would not get bored. (Photo courtesy of Adventure World, taken by Ms. Honami Hasegawa)
Kaehama’s father, Yongmei, walking. He looks exactly like his daughter Kaehama.

The photo of the announcement of Kaehama’s name that was released to the public became the talk of the town: “How cute! The photo of the announcement of Kaehama’s name that was released to the public became a hot topic of conversation. Mr. Hasegawa, who took the photo, has a few tips on how to photograph pandas.

“When they are small, their ears are white and their eyes are furry. When the pandas are small, their ears become white circles, so I aim for an angle where I can see their ears. For adult pandas, gather all the leaves together and start the shutter at the point where the panda is holding the leaf in its hand, which creates a cute picture of the panda holding its hand next to its face. When photographing animals, a high-powered zoom is useful because you may miss your chance to take a photo while changing lenses.

The daily lives of the animals photographed by the zoo staff and distributed through social networking services make us feel closer to them and more familiar with them, even though we are unable to visit the zoo due to the Corona disaster.

Two months from now, in November, Kaehama will turn one year old. Kaehama, a baby panda who is still a spoiled brat, and Ryohama, a mother panda who is full of affection. You can’t take your eyes off the two pandas as they play together.

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Koku Koku

Kaehama, a baby panda, drinks milk with a strong “koku koku” sound. The mother panda, Yoshihama, gently watches over her.

gulp gulp

Kaehama, a baby panda, seems to be drinking milk self-consciously, but she is gradually slumbering.


“After a good gulp of milk, a satisfied baby panda says, “Phew! Kaehama, the baby panda, looks satisfied. Her mouth is full of milk.

Good job!

The mother panda, Yoshihama, gently cradles Kaehama for support.
Mane Mane
Baby panda Kaehama imitates mother panda Yoshihama, who tastes bamboo with her eyes closed, with a serious gaze (Photo: Koichi Kikuchi)

Hami Hami

When baby panda Kaehama was humping bamboo, she seemed to notice the camera. She locked on to the lens with her dull, round eyes! She gave the camera a look. (Photo by Koichi Kikuchi)
Kaehama, the baby panda, is getting stronger in her legs and feet, not that she is about to fall. She resisted being nursed by her mother, Yoshihama! Still, the mother lovingly cares for her baby (photo by Koichi Kikuchi)

It’s good, it’s good!

“Baby panda Kaehama (left) moves around tomboyishly, appealing to be played with, and mother panda Yoshihama turns on the doting switch (photo by Koichi Kikuchi).

“See you later!

Kaehama, a baby panda with a soft body. Kaehama, a baby panda with a soft body, looks like a gymnast (photo by Koichi Kikuchi)
  • Photography Koichi Kikuchi Photo provided by Adventure World (photo by Honami Hasegawa)

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