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Pickaxe man who attacked Beat Takeshi’s “too dangerous personal life

An acquaintance testified that the suspect, an unemployed man in his 40s who punched a hole in the windshield of a Rolls Royce, was a former executive of the Sumiyoshi-kai tertiary organization, which he had just left in May of this year.

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Takeshi getting into his pickup truck, a Mercedes Benz, in July ’20. At the time of the attack, he was riding in a Rolls Royce, which is as strong as a presidential car (Photo: Yuri Adachi)

“He was an outlier in the gang. He must have been in jail many times for drug addiction. He had only been in jail for a couple of years, and maybe he hadn’t stopped using methamphetamine recently. He would lose his temper over trivial things and pick on the youngsters. When he stayed at home and didn’t come out, even his superiors were suspicious of him because they thought he might have taken drugs again.

On September 4, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested Y, a man in his late 40s, on suspicion of violating the Firearms Act on the premises of TBS in Minato Ward, Tokyo. The following is the testimony of an acquaintance of Y. A reporter from a national newspaper’s social affairs department said.

A reporter for a national newspaper said, “Beat Takeshi (74) was getting into his Rolls Royce after a live broadcast when Y attacked him with a pickaxe, breaking part of the windshield. He was in possession of a small knife with a 10cm blade, which led to his arrest on the spot. When interrogated, he stated in late June this year, ‘My application to become an apprentice was ignored. The Metropolitan Police Department believes that the crime was committed out of a one-sided grudge.

When Y left the gang, he said, “I want to work in the entertainment industry, so I will become a businessman. When Y left the group, he told them that he wanted to work in the entertainment industry, so he would become a businessman.

“No one took him seriously. He looked like a skinhead with a beard and was small in stature. And he never mentioned that he was a fan of Takeshi. He was always saying and doing things that were out of the ordinary. Suddenly, he washed the TV in front of the office, and once, while watching “TikTok,” he said, “A live streamer is watching me from behind the screen. He also said that he was watching TikTok and that the live-streamers were watching him from behind the screen. He was carrying a small sword with him when he attacked, saying that it was to protect himself from the live-streamers.

It must have been a terrible disaster for Takeshi.

The convoy entering the Akasaka Police Station for Y’s inspection. The damaged Rolls Royce is said to be stored in the basement parking lot of the station (photo by Shinji Hasuo).
On May 20 of this year, Y submitted a notice of withdrawal, which had been accepted by the group, to the Kashiwa Police Station of Chiba Prefecture. His signature and thumbprint are stamped on the form.
Takeshi getting into a white Mercedes Benz. This is a different car from the one used in this incident. Photo taken in July last year.
Takeshi on his way to a parked Rolls Royce after recording a program.
This is Takeshi getting into his car on another day.

From the September 24, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photo by. Yuri Adachi (Beat Takeshi) Shinji Hasuo (sentenced)

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