Disgusting! Expensive! Let’s Look Back at the Beijing Olympics’ “Worst Food” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Disgusting! Expensive! Let’s Look Back at the Beijing Olympics’ “Worst Food”

A box of pasta and a little bit of chicken costs over 2,000 Yen, and a set meal like a school lunch costs more than 1,300 Yen......

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Behind the excitement of the Olympics, a miserable life was unfolding!

During the Olympics, the people involved are not allowed to leave the “bubble”, so they inevitably have to eat their meals there. The “Western Meal Box” was a hot topic of conversation.

The contents of the “Western Meal Box”. There is only a little cheese powder in the middle top of the tray, and nothing to the left of that.

At 10 pm, a reporter who had missed dinner couldn’t resist ordering a “Western Meal Box,”. With a high price of 120 yuan (about 2,180 yen), the contents were rather sparse. It contained only pasta and roasted chicken. The pasta was almost tasteless, and the tomato sauce that came with it didn’t even help!

The cafeteria in the media center, the “Olympic Kitchen,” was also a disaster. A combination of stir-fried beef and mushrooms with rice cost 75 Yuan (about 1,360 Yen). This is the price of a set meal that looks and tastes like a school lunch. This cafeteria also has “robot rice” which is prepared and served by robots. It’s hard to say how good the food is in general, but the “Robot Pork Bone Rice” is as bad as the other meals. The sweetened boiled meat on top of the rice is almost entirely bone, and there is hardly any edible part. Paying 55 yuan (about 1,000 yen) for this late at night makes me feel sad.

The food at the Olympics is like a “disgusting and expensive” message to the world. There were many things to complain about during the Olympics this year.

The set of stir-fried beef and mushrooms with rice costed over 1,300 yen. The rice was even cold.
The “Robot Exhausted Bone Rice” comes with sauce and packed Chinese pickles. The sauce has also strong taste, making it hard to eat.

From the March 4, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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