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Why Masahiro Higashide’s “no scandal, no remorse” won’t hurt his livelihood despite contract termination

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Masahiro Higashide’s contract was announced to be terminated by his agency on February 15th. It is said to be a difficult road ahead, but…

Actor Masahiro Higashide’s exclusive contract with his agency, Humanite, was terminated on February 14. What has become a topic of conversation is the scathing statement that Humanite posted on their official website on February 15th.

Higashide divorced Anzu after her affair with young actress Erika Karada was revealed in January of the year before last. In October of last year, Shukan Bunshun reported that he was in love with a half-breed beauty in her twenties named A. He brought her to the location of his movie and stayed with her for three consecutive nights.

In addition to the affair with Ms. Karada, the office was also furious about the ‘accompanying behavior’ with Ms. A. It was unheard of for him to bring his girlfriend to a location where a lot of actors were gathering. It was also a disaster for Corona. The office, which had been working hard to revive her, must have felt betrayed.

In the office’s comment announcing her departure, they were mindful of reports that she would be accompanying him.

In the office comment announcing his departure, he made reference to the report that he was accompanied by a friend.

That’s right.

Rather than anger, what we felt at that time was a sense of futility and emptiness. After much deliberation, we came to the conclusion that we could not walk together any longer.

He said. It was a “painful decision” for the agency as well.

I hope that Higashide Masahiro will reconsider what’s important to him and start on the path to recovery.

I hope he will start walking the path to recovery.

It is unusual for a report of leaving a company to be so emotionally charged. The more we read between the lines, the more we can see how unrepentant Higashide has been since the affair.

According to Flash, which reported the news of her departure, when Higashide decided to go independent, she told a close friend

“Now I don’t have to be told what to do.

According to Flash, which reported the news of her departure, when she decided to go independent, she said to a close friend, “Now I won’t have to deal with all the nagging. This may sound like she was being tough, but it seems to be true that the office was in fact noisy.

The manager in charge of Ms. Higashide is a very strict person, and even before the affair was reported, he had been thoroughly controlling and protecting her.

He was very careful about checking photos and articles, and was working to keep Higashide’s image intact. When the series of scandals caused a huge firestorm, it was the manager who was most shocked,” said a wide show insider.

(Wide show insider) With the scandals ruining the good reputation she had built up, any normal agency would have abandoned her. However, the people in charge of Higashide’s career scrambled to make a comeback, saying, “Let’s try again.

I heard that they started to educate her even more strictly than before the scandal. They even managed his etiquette and holiday schedule. At first, Higashide complied, but as time went by, he may have started to feel annoyed.

As for Higashide’s future, she seems to be safe for the time being. Ken Watabe of Anjash, who was also reported to have had an affair, is still struggling after his return.

This is the difference between a comedian and an actor. Mr. Higashide may not be able to do terrestrial broadcasting or commercials, but he has stage and movie work. It’s an image of a leading actor who came down to earth at a low price.

In fact, Mr. Higashide has received many offers. Some of them are from executives of entertainment companies who ask him, “Why don’t you come work for us? Some of them are even from executives of entertainment companies. It seems that she can secure enough income to live on her own,” says an entertainment industry insider.

That’s right. Higashide is also making a strong appeal to her employers, saying she will do anything. Although it is hopeless for him to play an innocent role, the day may come when he will make a name for himself as a “monster actor”.

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