A man who stabbed a female streamer in the back “has a shocking motive”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A man who stabbed a female streamer in the back “has a shocking motive”.

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Did the man commit the crime because of his one-sided feelings for the woman (Photo: Image) (Image: Afro)

I can’t go out with you. Let’s go back to the relationship of video streamer and viewer.

When the woman said this, the man became angry. With a kitchen knife in his hand, he stabs the woman in the abdomen, killing her.

It was past six in the evening of January 27th when the man, looking exhausted, showed up at a police box in Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture.

He said, “I killed a woman. ……”

The next day, the Saitama Prefectural Police arrested Daiki Furukawa, 25, a vocational school student living in Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture, who turned himself in on suspicion of murder. The suspect killed Ms. Misaki Iwabuchi, 33, an unemployed woman living in Koshigaya City, and the two are believed to have met through a live-streaming service called “W”.

The two are believed to have met through a live-streaming service called “W.” “The service started in Taiwan in 2003. The service is also popular in Japan, where distributors called “live streamers” basically broadcast live videos without showing their faces. Anyone can become a “lifer” for free by downloading an app. However, it is also true that there are many live streamers who try to differentiate themselves from others by delivering extreme videos.

When viewers purchase items on the Internet, they support the lifer in the form of “throwing money”. The more support you get, the more you can become an idol on the Internet. Mr. Iwabuchi was a popular lifer for his performances with sweets and his passionate singing of anime theme songs,” said a “W” user.

The dangerous relationship between distributors and viewers

According to the police investigation, the suspect Furukawa was an avid supporter of Mr. Iwabuchi.

The police investigation has revealed that Furukawa was an avid supporter of Mr. Iwabuchi. “Furukawa kept in touch with Mr. Iwabuchi through SNS and met him in person in January this year. It is also known that he drove Mr. Iwabuchi to his apartment in Koshigaya City at that time. As for Mr. Iwabuchi, he probably couldn’t refuse Furukawa’s invitation to support him,” said a reporter from the social media department of a national newspaper.

Furukawa may have had strong romantic feelings for the girl he admired after meeting her in person. The suspect may have met the lifer of his dreams in person and developed strong romantic feelings for him, leading him to believe that they were in a relationship.

Surprisingly, Furukawa met Iwabuchi-san only once before the incident, in January. Mr. Iwabuchi, who felt uneasy about Furukawa’s behavior as if they were in a relationship, suggested, ‘Let’s go back to the relationship of distributor and viewer. It seems that the suspect, who was upset, broke into Mr. Iwabuchi’s room and killed him.

On the day of the incident, the suspect waited for Ms. Iwabuchi near her apartment. After confirming that she had returned home, he sneaked into the balcony. The suspect told the police about his motive for the crime. He said, “I thought, ‘If she belongs to another man, I’ll kill her.

Yasuhei Ogawa, a former detective with the Kanagawa Prefectural Police and a crime journalist, explains.

He said, “Unlike ordinary viewers, the amount of money and comments are often displayed separately for supporters who throw money at the live broadcast. Depending on the amount and frequency of donations, it is easy to be remembered by the distributor. For Mr. Iwabuchi, the suspect Furukawa who enthusiastically supported him must have been a memorable supporter. If he asks to meet her through chat, he may not be able to pass it up. If he were to turn a blind eye to them, they might say bad things about him and ruin his videos.

I think that the suspect Furukawa was watching Mr. Iwabuchi’s step. He took advantage of his position as a supporter and tried to have a relationship with Ms. Iwabuchi, whom he liked. However, it is dangerous to meet someone in person, no matter how much they have helped you. Even more so, one-on-one, and even telling her where you live. …… The suspect must have mistakenly thought that Mr. Iwabuchi, whom he admired, had forgiven him.

No matter how often we communicate with each other on the Internet, we cannot know the intentions and humanity of the other person. There is always a danger between viewers and individual video distributors who broadcast with their faces on the air.

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