Yuya Tegoshi Reveals His True Feelings: “One Year After Becoming Independent, What Surprised Me the Most | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuya Tegoshi Reveals His True Feelings: “One Year After Becoming Independent, What Surprised Me the Most

After leaving Johnny's Office, he has been active in various fields such as volunteer work and running a beauty salon. He has 1.55 million subscribers on YouTube. He talks about his new determination.

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If I had to give it a score, I’d give it a 90. If I had to give it a score, I’d give it about 90. As a solo artist, I was able to stand in front of my fans for the first time since I was “the big brother of ItteQ! This really gave me a lot of confidence and was a big deal. However, some events had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19. It wasn’t the Max I wanted to do, so I deducted 10 points for that.”

Even after the national tour is over, Tegoshi says that he would like to perform live at least once a month. After that, he is aiming for Tokyo Dome.

It’s been a year and a half since Yuya Tegoshi (34) left the Johnny’s office. During this time, in addition to YouTube and starting his own business, he has been active in a variety of fields, including volunteer work for single families and children. One of the highlights of his year was the successful completion of his first solo tour in September, the “Tokyo-Meihan Tour”. He said that this gave him the confidence to go on as a solo artist.

However, the impact of his YouTube debut at the “Conference for Leaving Johnny’s Office”, which set a record of 1.32 million simultaneous YouTube views, was so great that, in light of his current success on YouTube, the public is beginning to develop an image of “YouTuber Tekashi It is also true that the image of “YouTuber Tekashi” is becoming firmly established.

I’ve been doing YouTube for the past 18 years, and I’ve always been serious about music. But I was surprised to see how many people didn’t know about my past musical activities. ……

He says that his life is now completely centered on music. He says that his life is now completely focused on music, “I hardly have any off days, but I’m fulfilled!

Currently, Tegoshi’s YouTube channel has 1.55 million subscribers. His YouTube channel currently has 1.55 million subscribers. He also does live game shows and reports on his volunteer activities. He also released a digital single for the sixth consecutive month as a solo artist. She has also released her sixth consecutive digital single as a solo artist, and her music videos are now available on YouTube.

He said, “When I left the station and was on my own, I was able to start using YouTube right away. The various projects are a tool to let people know about the artist Tegoshi, and I don’t want to succeed as a YouTube user. If you want to be successful, you can easily get a lot of views by doing a project called “Tekashi’s challenge to overtake the number one host’s sales. But even if you do that and sing a ballad as an artist, it won’t be convincing. YouTube is just a tool for me to share my music.

In January, he will start his first nationwide tour, the “Hall Tour,” which will be the unveiling of his first solo album, “NEW FRONTIER,” released at the end of 2009. In January, his first national tour “Hall Tour” will be held in seven cities across Japan, starting in Sendai.

The tour will be held in seven cities across Japan, starting with Sendai. It’s all about music, right? I’m spending a lot of time preparing to share the time with the fans. I think I’ll be singing and dancing all by myself on stage, but it’s all new to me, so I’m really excited.

Of course, that’s Tegoshi. Of course, this is Tegoshi, and his real goal lies beyond that.

I want to keep performing even after the tour is over. I want to do at least one concert a month. I think it’s easy to do that, but my real goal is ……. I think it will come true if I say it out loud, so I’ll say it clearly, one day I want to take my fans to the Tokyo Dome again.

Before I left the agency, I had a lot of power from the agency and a lot of fans, and when I debuted, I was allowed to stand in the Tokyo Dome. Of course I worked hard, but the office and the fans took me there. I was allowed to see the best scenery. In that sense, I can only be truly grateful. Now, I’m on my own, a solo artist from the ground up, and from here on out, I’m on my own.”

Looking back on the time when she left the group, she concluded her year with this.

There were many people who made fun of me at the press conference when I left the group. In the early days after I left, I tried to make everyone understand that I quit because I had this dream, but I fully understood that there were some areas that they would never understand. But I kept doing what I wanted to do, and now I’m having a lot of fun. So, I just need to make sure that only people who understand me understand me.

YouTube is one of the ways to do that. If you keep doing that, your circle of friends will continue to expand, and you will be able to convey and deliver what you cannot do by yourself to a certain extent by becoming a team of people who understand. Last year, in our second year, I really felt that response. One day, when we can hold a solo event at the Tokyo Dome, I think the impact will be even greater than it is now.

The volunteer activities I’m doing now will also spread more. I think that the more influence I have, the more people I can help. It would be a win-win situation for everyone.

Lastly, I asked him about his personal life.

I’ve become very serious. I’m the president now, right? That’s why it’s not good for me as the top executive if I’m not relaxed. I don’t want to do anything that would be detrimental to the future management of the company or to my position of nurturing young people. People change, don’t they? That’s why I don’t feel flirtatious at all now. I apologize for being boring.

There was not a hint of “big mouth” or flirtatiousness in Tegoshi. The heat of Tegoshi’s earnest talk must have reached his fans.

Interview with Yuya Tegoshi: “I’m not a YouTube user, I’m an artist.
Interview with Yuya Tegoshi: “I’m not a YouTube user, I’m an artist.
Interview with Yuya Tegoshi: “I’m not a YouTube user, I’m an artist” (unpublished cut)

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