The relationship between Alice Hirose and Yuriko Yoshitaka, who is in a relationship with Okura | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The relationship between Alice Hirose and Yuriko Yoshitaka, who is in a relationship with Okura

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Alice Hirose was reported to be in love early in the New Year. Her partner is Tadayoshi Okura of Kanjani Eight, and it seems to have some influence in the industry…

I’m sure you’re happy with Mr. Okura.

To this reporter’s question.

“Thank you very much!

The one who answered with a smile was actress Alice Hirose.

On January 13, just after the Sports Nippon reported her relationship with Tadayoshi Okura of Kanjani Eight. She was on the stage of the 33rd Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Awards held in Tokyo.

Hirose, who was selected in the 20’s category, was interviewed afterwards by a team of experienced reporters about her relationship with Okura.

In the interview afterwards, she was asked by a hundred experienced reporters about her relationship with Okura: “Which is it, the sparkle of love or the sparkle of jewelry?

She was asked

She answered immediately, “Jewelry.

She answered immediately, “Jewelry.

She answered immediately, “Jewelry.” “Necklaces are great, but what about a ring?

I answered immediately, “Jewelry.

I’d be happier if I bought the ring myself.

I’d be happy to buy a ring myself.

I knew that the interviewers would ask questions related to Okura-san. If I didn’t want to answer, I could have cancelled the interview. The fact that she came out to the public shows that she is not going to run and hide.

According to SpoNichi, the two met in the Fuji TV drama “The Wife Who Knew,” which Okura starred in last January. The two played a married couple in the drama and started dating after the drama. Neither of their offices denied their relationship. I was surprised that Johnny’s didn’t say anything about it.

I was surprised that Johnny’s office, in particular, kept quiet on the matter. “Johnny’s office takes the initiative when this kind of relationship report comes out. The women’s offices generally follow the policy of the Johnny’s side. From what I hear, Okura’s own intentions came into play and she decided not to deny it.

Okura is one of the most popular members of Johnny’s, and in his personal life, he has often been troubled by the behavior of overzealous fans called “yarakashi. In May of last year, he wrote in a blog for the fan club of the Johnny’s office

I’ve been wondering lately. I wonder if there’s a law that applies to the ladies who can’t follow the rules and go out of their way to visit our rehearsal space.

I’d like to see the faces of their parents, for not listening to advice.

and so on. Furthermore

No matter how much I sue, it won’t go away or disappear.
No matter what the staff says or the police says, they’re still coming.
What do you all think? Don’t you think it would be nice to have a world where idols can live in peace? (original text in Japanese)

I’m not sure.

This time, her response to her relationship with Hirose could be seen as a message to those extreme fans that she is not going to give in to their fears. An entertainment industry insider familiar with Johnny’s said.

In addition to his work with Kanjani, Okura is also the producer of Naniwa Dango, which is currently on the verge of a major breakthrough. Just like the late Janie Kitagawa, the producer is a very important position in the company. Naturally, they have a lot of say. It is possible that Okura’s influence has increased to a degree that was unthinkable in the past.

On the other hand, fans are buzzing about the “relationship” between Hirose and Okura’s ex-girlfriend, Yuriko Yoshitaka.

Okura and Yoshitaka’s love affair was discovered in 2004, and it was reported that they were planning to get married soon, but they broke up around the beginning of 2006. In fact, it was around this time that Yoshitaka and Hirose met for the first time on the set of NTV’s drama for the April season, “The Reason for Justice. At the time, some media reported on the “awkward relationship” between the two on the set of the drama.

Some of the media reported their “awkward relationship” on the set of the drama.

“Alice reached out to Tadayoshi Okura.

The media reported that the reason for this was because Yoshitaka took it seriously. However, the truth is not clear.

It’s understandable that people are wondering, “Wasn’t that a rumor back then?

It’s not surprising that people are wondering, “What happened to those rumors? I wonder if it will affect their casting on TV in the future…

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