A famous stylist gives a dry check to the “personal clothes of the latest celebrities”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A famous stylist gives a dry check to the “personal clothes of the latest celebrities”!

A look at the outfits of successful celebrities such as Masaki Suda, Masami Nagasawa, Ryota Yamasato and Yu Aoi.

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Masaki Suda (28) April 26, ’19

Just after 3 a.m. one day, Masaki Suda (28) waved to the girls waiting at the radio station entrance. He was wearing a knit hat and his favorite leather jacket, showing a high sense of fashion, even though he was on a live radio broadcast where he could not be seen. Another day, I spotted Go Ayano, 39, wearing all black at Omotesando Hills. He was wearing items from Gucci and was enjoying shopping.

In this issue, we took the liberty of checking out what celebrities have been spotted in their casual clothes. We asked fashion designer Don Konishi (71), young stylist N, and others to critique their outfits.

I think Suda is the best in the entertainment industry when it comes to wearing big size clothes. On this day, he wore an unusual leather-like long blouson that really looked good. I guess this is something he knows how to do. His Nike appeal is strong though (laughs). He’s good.

Ai Hashimoto (25) July 26, ’19

Ai Hashimoto (25) walks the streets in eccentric and unique outfits, such as a girly frilly dress and high brand “Maison Margiela” items.

Ai Hashimoto (25), July 26, ’19

When it comes to fashion, I’m the number one individualist. She’s tall, her hairstyle has bangs, and she has a mysterious air about her. I think she knows her own character. But still, this power! I’m here!” (Konishi)

Aya Omasa (30) Nov. 19, ’21

Aya Omasa (30), a former “non-no” model, showed her love for the brand by wearing Tory Burch all over her body.

Aya Omasa (30) November 19, ’21

Aya Oomasa, 30, ’21’ “She looks good in a sharp, modish style, but she tries to balance it out and ends up looking too coarse. I think she’d look great in something more mature, so I want her to try it!” (Konishi.)

She’s wearing a dress and bag by Tory Burch.

Ryuhei Matsuda(38) Maala Morgan(24) April 23, ’21

Be sure to check out the stylish date shots of Ryuhei Matsuda (38) and Maala Morgan (24), who announced their marriage on October 20.

Ryuhei Matsuda(38) and Maala Morgan(24) April 23, ’21

Morgan is wearing a trendy super big size shirt-style coat. Matsuda is a little plain. I’d like to see this couple wear a pair of fashions that would make anyone who sees them feel that they share the same values (Konishi).

Mr. Don Konishi describes the current fashion scene as follows.

Don Konishi describes the current fashion scene as follows: “It’s the winter season for the fashion world, where normal is considered cool. I want influencers to enjoy fashion and make the world a brighter place. I have high hopes for you, celebrities!”

Shun Oguri(38), Ryo Narita(28), Yudai Chiba(32), Yasushi Seto(33) Dec. 7, ’18

Shun Oguri(38), Ryo Narita(28), Yudai Chiba(32), Yasushi Seto(33) Dec 7, ’18

Oguri, Narita, and Seto are not good at all; I don’t think all three are actors of the season. They’re too ordinary. Chiba is the only one who looks cute in a pullover with a border. Fashion is a tool for self-expression. It’s no fun unless you’re bold.

Go Ayano(39) ’21 April 16, 2009

Go Ayano(39) April 16, ’21

The color is pitch black, but the details are particular. He’s wearing a knitted sweater and a shaggy coat over his shoulders, and he’s pretentious. Fashion is all about pretension! The only thing I regret is that the textures of each are similar.

Issei Takahashi(41) ’18, Dec. 21

Issei Takahashi(41) December 21, ’18

I’m sure he doesn’t want to stand out too much in his private life, but the big hat stands out enough! I think it would have looked more relaxed if I’d let a little more of the long tee peek through. It’s a shame that the camel-colored shoes also stood out a little too much.

Masami Nagasawa (34) April 9, ’21

Masami Nagasawa(34) April 9, ’21

She always looks great in simple adult casual style. The zebra coat from “Whim Gazette” has a big impact. But animal print doesn’t suit her. (Konishi)

Suzu Hirose(23) December 4, ’20

Suzu Hirose(23) Dec. 4, ’20

I can feel the atmosphere on the set, where they are relaxing in their private clothes in between the heavy schedule. Most people would choose white, gray, or black, but the fact that she chose purple, a color unique to knitwear, shows her sense of style.

Fumi Nikaido(27) March 1, ’19

Fumi Nikaido(27) March 1, ’19

The balance of the length is good. The inner pouch is casually layered. I think it would be even better with more wintery pants. (Konishi) In recent years, she has been focusing on sustainable brands, and she seems to like “Stella McCartney” (N)

Rie Miyazawa(48) ’21 Nov. 26

Rie Miyazawa (48) Nov. 26, ’21

Friday has a nasty way of taking pictures too. This is a 300,000 yen “Jil Sander” coat that is pleated, not wrinkled. The HERMES Birkin also has an open mouth and looks sloppy. What a waste.

Meisa Kuroki(33) March 1, ’19

Meisa Kuroki(33) March 1, ’19

I was surprised because this fashion is so normal for Kuroki, who has a light image of life. I think the impression would have been different if the gilet had been super long (Konishi), and the Saint Laurent bag fits her image (N).

Kaho(30) ’21 Dec 10

Kaho(30) December 10, ’21

This is a trendy oversized outfit, but it’s too plain. She has a mature look, so it’s better to have fun with patterns and colors. I like the fact that this isn’t a fashion that sells women, that’s a good direction to go. Expectations for the future (Konishi)

Yuriko Ishida(52) ’20, March 27, April 3, 2008

Yuriko Ishida(52) March 27, April 3, ’20

You’re just an ordinary office worker! I would have liked to have seen a little more of Ishida’s own flavor that younger girls can’t bring out. I’d like her to be the kind of person who tells young actresses, ‘This is how you play with fashion.

Ryota Yamasato(44) Yu Aoi(36) Dec. 11, ’20

Ryota Yamasato(44) Yu Aoi(36) Dec. 11, ’20

Aoi is wonderful. Her silhouette itself is a mass of individuality. I’d like Yamasato to enjoy off-duty fashion a little more (Konishi). Yamasato’s clothes are simple, but the perfect size shows his good taste (N).

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