Downtown” Masanori Hamada with a big smile surrounded by the program staff… “Very good atmosphere” and “one-man MC” is going strong. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Downtown” Masanori Hamada with a big smile surrounded by the program staff… “Very good atmosphere” and “one-man MC” is going strong.

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Masanori Hamada comes out of a variety show recording studio. Surrounding staff members were laughing hysterically at Hamada’s words.

In late May, “Downtown” Masanori Hamada emerged from a studio in Tokyo in a good mood from start to finish. He was dressed in his usual style of colored glasses, T-shirt, and jersey, and every word he uttered elicited loud laughter from the many staff members surrounding him.

Hitoshi Matsumoto of “Downtown” fame announced on January 8 that he was suspending his entertainment activities in response to a report by “Weekly Bunshun” alleging sexual assault. At the time, he had seven regular TV shows, so there was great confusion in the TV industry.

On January 26, he appeared on “Gobugobu Radio,” the Osaka-based MBS radio station where he is a personality, and said, “For the time being, I’m not going to replace him,

He said, “For the time being, there is no one to take my place, so I will do my best to do what I can until he comes back. As far as I can, that is. I’ll do my best and wait for you.

I’ll do my best and wait for you,” he confessed for the first time.

I’ll do my best until he comes back. Shall I hold an audition? I’ll look for a partner for the time being. But as soon as Matsumoto-san comes back, we’ll break up.

He made the studio laugh, and the TV industry breathed a sigh of relief. However, there were some people who said that “Downtown DX” (NTV) and “Wednesday’s Downtown” (TBS) rely heavily on Matsumoto’s comments and reactions, and that it might be too much of a burden for him. (Director of a commercial variety show).

When “Mizudow” and “DX” were broadcast on January 31 and February 1, respectively, without Matsumoto, comments on SNS lined up, such as, “His face looks abnormally tired,” and “He is obviously very tired. In addition, the following comments were also made on …….

“There was clearly too much tension or a sense that he was forcing himself to be over the top. There were more scenes where he laughed out loud at the guests’ comments, and it seemed as if he was trying desperately to liven things up with gentle responses rather than tsukkomi. The staff was surprised to see how much Hamada’s tension changed when his partner was not around.

(TV magazine writer) “Since Matsumoto, who had been by his side all this time, suddenly disappeared, it was no wonder that the tension was different at first, since he was not used to such a different environment. The viewers may have been puzzled by Hamada.

He is still a very good MC, but his ability as an MC is unmatched by other comedians, so now I don’t mind him at all. The staff’s opinion of him is also very positive. Some of the guests say that the atmosphere in the studio has become brighter than before, and it seems to be seeping out from the TV screen as well.

Matsumoto’s trial is expected to take at least two more years before a verdict is reached, but Hamada has become accustomed to being a “one-man MC. It seems unlikely that he will be looking for a partner.

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