Several installed on fences and utility poles…by whom and for what? Mysterious Key Boxes” Increasing in Number in Tokyo Bay Area | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Several installed on fences and utility poles…by whom and for what? Mysterious Key Boxes” Increasing in Number in Tokyo Bay Area

Friday Mystery Investigation Team Report: 30 or so sightings in the vicinity of Harumi Flag and other tower blocks. ......

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Key boxes installed near the Kachidoki tower complex. In addition to utility poles, there were also ones attached to fences and guardrails.

Have you heard of the “mysterious key boxes” that are secretly becoming a hot topic on social networking sites?

It is said that a number of unidentified key boxes have been installed on utility poles and other locations in the bay area of Chuo Ward, Tokyo. The FRIDAY Mystery Investigation Team immediately rushed to the site to find out who and for what purpose.

Arriving at Kachidoki Station, a part of the Wangan area, they immediately spotted the first one near the station: it was attached to a fence next to a huge 58-story tower apartment building. It was black in color, about the size of the palm of one’s hand, and had four dials on it. We found them in several other locations, all with similar designs.

We spoke to a security guard at a nearby parking lot.

He said, “Once every two days, a businessman or office lady in a suit would come to the key box here and operate it. I spoke to her once, but she just said, ‘I’m making the rounds at the company’s request,’ and left. ‘ It’s a little creepy.”

After that, he tried staking out the area to see if any users would come in, but unfortunately, he had no success.

The interview seemed to have run into a deadlock ……, but we caught word that Genki Takahashi, a member of the Chuo Ward Assembly, was working on the issue. When we asked him for an interview, he readily agreed to do so.

I have received reports of sightings at as many as 30 locations,” he said. I have investigated the possibility of illegal overnight stays,” he said. I believe that private accommodation operators who have not obtained a license from the ward are using the premises to hand over keys. In fact, a Chinese illegal lodging website lists information on private accommodations that are clearly condominiums in the bay area of Tokyo.

On the other hand, occult researcher YOSHIDA Yuki points out another possibility.

Boxes have long been used as tools for curses. In the 27th volume of Konjaku Monogatari Shu, there is a story about a beautiful woman who dies from a curse after opening a box that was given to her by a man who told her not to open it. The possibility that this box is also a kind of curse is not zero.

It may be wise to stay away from …… if you are not sure.

This key box is tied to a telephone pole. It has been in place for a long time and has deteriorated badly.
There tended to be many common apartment buildings of ten or more stories near where they were installed.
Some of them are connected to each other. Are they trying to manage multiple locks in one place?
Mr. Takahashi says, “We will proceed with the removal of the locks. TEPCO is also working on it, and we also found a poster urging the removal of the locks.

From the July 5 and 12, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO. Hiroyuki Komatsu

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