“Is there a legal problem…?” Miki Ando’s “legal opinion” on her alleged relationship with her 16-year-old student. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“Is there a legal problem…?” Miki Ando’s “legal opinion” on her alleged relationship with her 16-year-old student.

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Miki Ando, the former national figure skating team member, was reportedly involved in a love affair with a 16-year-old “student.” ……

Can an “underage student” really be more than just a “lovesick” person?

Figure skater Miki Ando updated her X on June 26.

I can’t take it anymore.” “I feel really burned out.

She posted an image with the words “I can’t take it anymore. The translation reads.

I can’t take it anymore.” I feel really burned out.

The post was also translated into English. The text was also posted in English and translated as follows

You don’t know the truth…why do you all believe what you don’t know…?

The article also states, “You don’t know the truth…Why do you believe what you don’t know? On June 26, Shukan Bunshun (weekly magazine) reported the following.

Figure star Miki Ando and her “20-years younger” student were closely photographed on a “hand-in-hand date” at USJ, “hugging each other on the train…”

The article is believed to be a rebuttal to the report that “Mihime Ando is a 20-year-old student of mine.

In January, it was reported that they had kissed in Tomakomai, but Ando has denied having a relationship with her.

Ando has been reported to be dating not only her coach Nikolai Morozov, skaters Yasuharu Nanri and Javier Fernandez, but also businessman Kikuo Makabe.

In 2008, Friday Digital reported that Ando was making fierce advances toward “insect-loving actor” Makita Naru, along with a screencap of their LINE.

Ando-san is the type of person who is in love with someone and will go headlong after she falls in love with them. Even after she gets a boyfriend, she will go skin-to-skin with him without being seen.

She is a single mother, so I think she should be free to be in love, but if she is on a flirtatious date with a 16-year-old, it will cause a stir. Even if she denies it, the photo may cause misunderstanding even though she is a “coach and a student.

(Wide-show desk),

If it had been the other way around, it would have been even worse, and the flames would have flared up even more.

“It’s out of the question whether it’s a man or a woman, so don’t make the mistake of thinking this is wrong.

“At worst, the mother may sue you or it may be a violation of the ordinance, so if it is not the case, just deny it clearly rather than making a roundabout way of saying it.

If it’s not the case, just deny it clearly rather than making a roundabout way of saying it.

The “intimate” act with a 16-year-old student. If true, as the comments on the social networking sites suggest, would this not be in violation of the law and regulations?

We asked Ayao Masaki, a lawyer representing “Your Ace Lawyers,” a legal expert, about this,

He answered, “If we focus on the relationship between a coach and a student, apart from ethical and moral issues, walking hand in hand, putting one’s hands around the waist, and hugging each other on a train are not considered violations of the law.

He responded. In addition, each municipality has ordinances that protect young people from unethical sexual intercourse, such as in Aichi Prefecture, where two people were reported to have embraced on a train, and in Hokkaido, where there was an eyewitness account of them kissing. There is a possibility that the two may have violated these ordinances, but Attorney Masaki said, “From what I read in the article, it seems that the two men were not in love,

As far as we can tell from the article, the two were acting in such a way that they were being watched because they were not feeling well, they were trying not to be seen by the passengers around them, and they were checking their muscles. In the first place, it is not ‘sexual intercourse or an act similar to sexual intercourse’ or ‘lewd or indecent conduct. Even if it should be, if it is recognized as a ‘sincere dating relationship,’ it is not a ‘lewd’ act, and therefore, it is not a violation of the ordinances. Therefore, it is not considered to be a violation of the respective ordinances.

He expressed his opinion that this is not a violation of the law.

Even though it is not against the law, the “dating scandal” is still controversial in some way. Where will Ando and his 16-year-old student go from here? ……

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