Abnormal Family Dynamics Revealed in Susukino Murder Trial with Head Found in Bathroom | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Abnormal Family Dynamics Revealed in Susukino Murder Trial with Head Found in Bathroom

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The defendant Runa Tamura, who had placed both parents under abnormal “control”.

In a murder case where a 62-year-old man was decapitated at a hotel in Susukino, Sapporo in July ’23, defendants included daughter Runa Tamura (30), father Osamu Tamura (60), and mother Hiroko Tamura (61), all arrested and prosecuted. On June 4, Hiroko Tamura’s trial began at Sapporo District Court, where she denied the charges and pleaded not guilty.

The defense’s opening statement revealed an incredibly disturbing family environment, almost maddening to contemplate.

From the beginning of her childhood, both parents never scolded their only daughter, the defendant Runa, instead showering her with excessive love. Even into adulthood, they obeyed her every command.

Under instructions from her husband, Osamu, Hiroko was told:

“Do not waste our daughter’s (Runa’s) time. I am a slave. Order first.”

“Understand your position as a slave. Do not waste gasoline or money unnecessarily.”

They were made to write and display a pledge in prominent places like the living room TV screen, stating these terms.

Furthermore, Osamu, referred to as “Mr. Driver” by Runa, was required to chauffeur her anytime, anywhere. There were instances where Runa would violently throttle Osamu while he was driving, yet he never scolded her, instead waiting for her anger to subside, often apologizing to calm her down.

From defendant Runa, a photo of her father Osamu, who was referred to as ‘Mr. Driver’. Image sourced from his own social media.

“When defendant Runa first went to the club, she met the victim male there and they hit it off. She was taken to a hotel and had unprotected sex with him. After leaving the hotel, Runa had Osamu take her to a clinic where she was prescribed emergency contraception.

Afterwards, filled with anger, Runa, along with Osamu, searched for the man, finally finding him in Susukino and arranging to meet him again. When they met next time, she allegedly proposed to play queen and engage in SM play, and reportedly sent her mother to buy tools for SM and practiced SM play with her father. Apparently, her parents had a bad feeling about this and repeatedly begged the man not to meet their daughter.” (Television station reporter)

Runa defendant met with a man the day after, and Hiroko was told by Runa:

“I brought home the head of an old man.”

Since it was said in such a casual manner like “take a look,” Hiroko went to the bathroom, where she found the peeled head in the washing area.

Furthermore, she was shown a glass jar containing a head, and she couldn’t bear to look directly at it.

“Take a good look!”

And she was made to hold the glass jar.

Hiroko defendant is charged with aiding and abetting in the crimes of abandoning a corpse and damaging a corpse, but she is asserting her innocence.

“The three members of Runa defendant’s family were placed under psychiatric evaluation for six months, but the defense might request another mental evaluation for Runa defendant. Although Runa defendant was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she stopped attending the hospital, and Osamu, a psychiatrist, was prescribing her medication.

Runa defendant repeatedly engaged in conversations with an imaginary lover, Jeff the Killer, and even held a wedding-like ceremony in which her parents also participated. Although it must have been evident that this was madness, it seems they were unable to stop it. The issue of Runa defendant’s criminal responsibility will be the most crucial focus moving forward,” said a social affairs reporter.

The parents who created an uncontrollable bizarre sheltered daughter bear significant responsibility as well, don’t they?

At the Tamura suspect’s family home, “the victim’s head” was brought into the bathroom.

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